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[team two] Acts of Kindness

Last one for Team Two before the shuffle! Tsukishima is fully aware that he isn't very good at talking about his feelings so he tries to do something nice for Kuroo.

“Takeout? I’m sorry, but we don’t do that here.”

“It’s pizza,” Tsukishima deadpans. “What do you mean you don’t do takeout?”

“I’m sorry, sir. We would be happy to serve you in house,” the woman on the other end says in a voice that tells him she’s had to say this same line more than enough times.

“I see. Thank you for your time,” he says, cutting the call off at that. He lies back on his bed with a sigh. This is stupid. A restaurant that doesn’t allow you to take home their pizza is stupid. Kuroo is stupid for liking their pizza. Worst of all, Tsukishima is stupid for trying to see if he can pick up Kuroo’s favorite pizza on his way to Kuroo’s house as a surprise. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

With another sigh, he gets up and finishes putting his overnight bag together. Whatever. It’s no big deal. He’ll just pick some random omiyage at the station. It’s fine. He won’t care if Tsukishima simply brings over a box of manju. Kuroo won’t have any way of knowing that Tsukishima had tried to put in a little more effort since it’s his first time going to stay in Tokyo for the weekend.

…he’s still irritated at himself.

He checks to make sure he has his wallet, keys, and phone before grabbing his bag and heading downstairs. He goes into the kitchen where his mom is. “Okay, I’m heading out.”

She puts down the plate she’d been washing and turns off the water. “Stay safe. Message me when you get there.”

“I will. I’ll be back on Sunday.” He’s thankful she’s letting him make the trip to Tokyo to see Kuroo. If she wants him to message along the way so that she knows he hasn’t fallen off a train platform somewhere, he’s more than happy to do so.

He sends one once he’s on the shinkansen, then sends another to Kuroo to let him know he’s on his way. Setting his playlist to shuffle, Tsukishima reclines his chair and closes his eyes. Officially, they haven’t been together very long, but Kuroo had been pursuing him for nearly a year before Tsukishima realized what was going on. His teammates like to say that Nekoma’s captain (now former captain) has been trying to get Tsukishima’s attention since that first training camp.

Feelings beyond snark and indifference have never been his strong point. Seeing as how managing to become friends with his team already baffles him, romantic relationships are way above his head. He honestly doesn’t understand what Kuroo sees in him and he lacks just enough self-confidence to worry that Kuroo won’t wake up one day and realize Tsukishima’s thorns are not worth it.

It’s a logical thing worry about. He’s a lot more tsun than he is dere and it’s a pain at best. Why would anyone want that?

While it had been Kuroo who’d done all the pursuing, now that he has him, Tsukishima in no way wants to let him go. Which brings him back to the stupid pizza. He’d wanted to do something nice for his boyfriend because Tsukishima is so awkward that he doesn’t even call Kuroo his boyfriend out loud and it’s easier for him to do nice things than it is to say them.

Kuroo deserves nice things.

It’s thoughts like these that make their long-distance relationship unbearable at times. Kuroo is always giving and patient, and has not once given him actual reason to worry, but sometimes, it makes Tsukishima think about just how unbalanced their relationship is.

When the train finally pulls into Tokyo Station, he’s the first to step off the train and heads straight for the main ticket gates. He spots Kuroo in the crowd easily and nearly fumbles his ticket in his hurry to reach him.

He’s barely through the gates before he’s being enveloped in Kuroo’s strong embrace. In an instant, the sick feeling he’d developed during the ride down is replaced by warmth. He returns the hug. “Kuroo-san…”

Kuroo hugs him tighter. “Kei.”

Tsukishima turns bright red and attempts to push Kuroo away, flustered. “People are starting to look.”

“People are only looking because you’re so cute when you get embarrassed,” Kuroo snickers, but relinquishes his hold. “You hungry? We can grab dinner on the way to my place.”

Thankful to return to an appropriate conversation to have in a crowded space, Tsukishima nods. “Yeah. Food sounds good.”

“Great! There’s that great pizza place in my neighborhood that I told you about…” He trails off when he sees the look on Tsukishima’s face. “Or we can get something else.”

“No, no,” Tsukishima sighs. “Pizza is exactly what I had in mind for tonight.”
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