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[Team Three] best view

I worked late last night and forgot to post yesterday lol. I wanted to write more post-canon Fruits Basket so here's an attempt. Yay?

As Tohru slept, Kyo crept outside and climbed up onto the roof. It was the first time he'd done something like this in their new house and the first time he'd climbed up onto a roof since the curse had been broken.

In the past, this had been second nature to him. Being up high had somehow been calming, and the roof was a quiet place where he could think. He had always just naturally gravitated to spots like that.

It was a bit weird, he considered, that he didn't have those impulses anymore and yet he still managed to find his way to the roof.

Old habits are hard to break after all, he supposed.

Kyo gazed out at the unfamiliar surroundings, still trying to memorize the new trees and new neighboring rooftops and new mountains in the distance.

Tohru had easily settled into their new home, but Kyo didn't expect her optimism to ever waver anyway. Even though they'd talked about their fears and worries about moving far away from all their family and friends, they at least had each other.

Kyo leaned back to get a better view of the stars sparkling overhead. Tomorrow would be his first day of work in the dojo. He couldn't deny that his stomach was full of butterflies, but the more he thought about it, the more he thought those butterflies might actually be excited.

It was time for him to start living in the world. It was what he had been striving for his whole life.

He was ready.

A smile passed over his lips as he continued observing the magnificence of the night sky above.

He felt calm up here, looking at the stars. It was the best view in the house.

It's your turn~ sanadas_sanity
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