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[Team Two] Flammable

Quick shiritori ficlet and I'm back to work! More Magic AU~

Finally able to break free from his icy prison, Date flexed his arms, feeling the numbness dissipate from his fingertips.

“Thanks, Shota,” he said, smiling at his partner. The newbie fire mage was careful enough to not burn Date as he thawed him out with the powers he couldn’t yet regulate.

“I’m sorry I’m late,” Shota sighed, placing a warm hand on his. “Thank God you’re okay.”

Date smiled, lifting Shota’s hands to his lips to give his fingers a kiss. He pressed those warm hands to his cheek, feeling the heat linger on his skin. “For you, I’d wait forever.”

Shota chuckled at his antics but he didn’t pull away, choosing instead to cup Date’s cheek in his palms. “You’re such a sap,” he said, rolling his eyes before closing in for a kiss.


“Rest. I’ll make dinner,” Shota told him, pushing him back down onto a chair when he so much as moved to get up.

“Shota…” Date warned him. Shota had set the smoke alarm off once by accidentally lighting the contents of the pan on fire when he sneezed. And it was no flambe. Not an intentional one at least.

“I know, I know. ‘Don’t set the kitchen on fire’, right? Relax, we’ll do it outdoors. Let’s have a barbecue!” Shota soothed him, walking out to pull their portable grill out onto the stone patio.

Date couldn’t help but smile. “You’re awfully carefree considering there’s an ice powered rogue mage on the loose.”

“What do I have to fear? He can come eat my flames,” Shota scoffed. “You’ll be safe with me.”

“Not if you set the food on fire again.”

“Shut up!” Shota groaned, snapping repeatedly at the coals he set on the bottom of their grill. “Come on… Light up!”

“You’re thinking too much, Shota. Pause, take a deep breath, and try again,” Date advised him patiently. He watched as Shota did as he was told, letting his eyes flutter shut as he tried to clear his mind. Breathing deep and letting go, he snapped his fingers once more and the coals burst into flames. Boom! The fire exploded to a height that exceeded Shota’s own.

The mage stumbled several steps back. “Whoopsie!” he said with a grimace, turning to smile sheepishly at Date. “I don’t think that’s gonna be safe to barbecue on anytime soon.”

“Let’s just get a takeout.”


It's talisa_ahn's turn I guess?
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