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[Team Three] Kiss

“You don’t need to bring me coffee every day, Matsumura,” Taiga said without even looking at him.

“S-sorry,” Hokuto stammered, backing away from Taiga’s desk. He knows my name he knows my name he knows my name. The thought kept bouncing around his head all morning, even while he wrote and filed and shredded.

“Earth to Hokuto.” Juri’s voice interrupted his thoughts several hours later. As usual, Juri sat on the corner of Hokuto’s desk, no matter how many times Hokuto had asked him not to. “What’s got you so distracted today? Did Mister Grumpy glare into your general direction?”

“Please don’t sit on my desk,” Hokuto replied, evading the answer. He knew all too well how pathetic his little crush was, he didn’t need Juri to tell him. Not that Juri would, Juri was sympathetic to his suffering most days, but still.

Juri slid off the edge of Hokuto’s desk, his grey suit crinkling as he did. “You should ask him out before you drive yourself crazy,” were Juri’s parting words.

Hokuto sighed. If only he had half Juri’s confidence, he would have confessed to Taiga months ago. He’d fallen for the pretty blond the very first day he’d walked into the office, but in the months since then, he hadn’t found an opportunity to really speak to him. “Pathetic,” Hokuto sighed, dropping his head onto his desk.

He tried to concentrate on his work, but Taiga’s pretty lips and fiery eyes kept appearing in his mind. His thoughts drifted, and soon his daydreams were going the usual way. Taiga on his knees, dark eyes looking up at Hokuto as he sucked Hokuto’s cock right here under the desk. This was one of Hokuto’s favourite fantasies, coming second only to the one where he fucked Taiga on top of his desk. Taiga on his desk, his white button-up shirt open to reveal soft pale skin… Hokuto shook his head. Work. He had a lot to do still. He’d be going home late again today.

By 10PM, he was almost caught up with the day’s work. Only an hour or so more and he could go home. The office was deserted at this time of night, or almost. On his way to get another coffee, Hokuto realized that there was another light still on. The one above Taiga’s desk. His heart skipped a beat and his hands started to sweat. This. This was the opportunity he’d been waiting for. They were all alone, with no one else around to witness his humiliation if he was stupid enough to actually confess to the icy beauty.

Taking a deep breath, he went and got two coffees. You can do it, Hokuto, he silently told himself. Go over there and get it over with. He can’t do more than say no, and maybe then you’ll be able to get him out of your mind. His hands were shaking just a little as he carried the coffee over to Taiga’s desk. Taiga didn’t even look up at his approach. Do it do it do it, Hokuto silently told himself. Say it. Tell him you like him. Tell him…

Taiga’s hands closed around Hokuto’s tie and yanked him down almost to Taiga’s seated level. “You’ve been standing there like a moron for five minutes already,” Taiga snarled. “So are you going to ask me out or not?!”

“I…” Hokuto stammered. “I… Like you?”

“Don’t make it a question, idiot,” Taiga replied, before giving Hokuto’s tie another yank. Taiga’s lips were suddenly against Hokuto’s and Hokuto’s mind went blank.

His lips are soft his lips are soft oh my god he’s kissing me, Hokuto’s brain screamed behind his eyes.

Later, Hokuto wouldn’t have been able to say if the kiss lasted a second or an hour.

Next up is mousapelli!
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