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[team two] bring me to life

Just another generic vampire fic >_< Warning: character death <---- because vampire fic >_< This may one day make it into the Shirota x Taiga vampire multichapter it was meant to be...

“Too much?” Shirota asks, stroking his hand down the side of Taiga’s face, the younger man’s head rolls after it, chasing the touch as it leaves his jaw, his fingers feather down Taiga’s throat and to the side, to the two tiny pin pricks on the side of his neck, blood still gushing out with every erratic heartbeat.

With a groan he leans in to lick at it, sucking just a little as the saccharine taste fills his mouth again. Taiga moans as his fangs scrape the skin again, not quite enough to pierce and he thrusts his hips hard, almost lifting Taiga from the bed.

One of Taiga’s hands moves up, threading into his hair, the seeping wounds on his wrist leaving a sticky, sweet-scented trail across the side of Shirota’s face. “More.” Taiga moans, his fingers twisting tightly, too tightly, and Shirota growls as his teeth sink in once more.

Taiga cries out, his wail echoing long after it ends, the ecstasy it ignites in Shirota lingering in every cell as he bites down again, desperate to hear more.

Only Taiga’s cry this time is almost drowned out by the thudding of his heart, the pace far too fast, too strong, giving out and shuddering and then Taiga is shaking.

“Taiga?” Shirota asks, a note of panic to his tone as he pulls back and meets only the whites of Taiga’s eyes. “Taiga?” he shouts, his palms patting frantically at the other man’s cheeks but the only response is a low gurgling in his throat as his whole body starts to jerk.

He pulls away, darting off of the bed entirely and the sight of Taiga’s convulsing body terrifies him, terrifies him in a way that Shirota has never been terrified before, but not half as much as it terrifies him when the jerking finally stops.

“Taiga?” he asks again, his voice barely more than a whisper as he moves closer again, his ears straining for a sound, but he can’t hear any heartbeat. He checks for a pulse even though he knows that if there were one he’d hear it before he felt it, and then he carefully peels back one of Taiga’s eyelids to find his pupils motionless, vacant.

He steps back again, fighting off the dry sobs that threaten to overtake him. He has to do something, he needs to think.

It’s not a thought, but his eyes land on the phone on the wall over the dresser and he crosses to it on instinct, his fingers dialling Jin’s number. “Jin.” he says as soon as the call connects, not even giving the other man time to answer. “I think I took too much.”

“What?” Jin asks distractedly. He can hear music in the background, can hear someone else calling Jin’s name and someone laughing.

“Jin!” Shirota snaps, because this is important, this might be the most important thing. “Jin, I don’t know what to do. I think he’s...gone.”

Jin laughs and Shirota can’t be sure if it’s at his words or if he’s engaged in the hubbub around him. “So.” he answers though. “What’s one dead whore? I’m sure it happens all the time.”

Shirota growls, is so close to shouting that Taiga isn’t just some whore but he swallows the words down, Jin wouldn’t understand. “I don’t care.” He says insistently. “There must be something I can do to save him...”

“Look” Jin says with a sigh “It’s over. If you drained him then that’s that. If it was an overdose then you might as well just drain him, what are you going to do? Resuscitate him?”

He drops the phone at the words, darting back over to Taiga’s body. He’s not drained, definitely not, Shirota has drained enough people in his four hundred and some years that he’d recognise the pallid, sunken skin of a dry body. That means it has to have been the venom, he got carried away, bit into the soft skin a few too many times. That means there’s still a chance.

He tilts Taiga’s head back and starts pressing hard against his rib cage. “Come on.” he growls, after thirty compressions and no response. He listens for breath again, for a heartbeat, anything, and then starts the compressions again.

On the third try he hears a noise, a cracking, snapping sound and fear floods through him as he continues, only hoping he didn’t break too many ribs.

By the sixth set, he’s starting to lose hope, he knows how fragile humans are, how sensitive their brains are and it’s been minutes since Taiga stopped breathing, even if he does come back it might already be too late.

Another idea forms in his mind, and it might be too late for that too, only he’s not about to give up without even trying, he’s not about to give Taiga up.

“I’m sorry.” he whispers as he leans in, a chaste kiss pressed against Taiga’s lips before he parts them, urging Taiga’s jaws apart as he tears into his own wrist and holds it against Taiga’s mouth. He rubs at Taiga’s throat, encouraging the muscles to work and eventually he feels Taiga swallow. He feels Taiga’s teeth latch onto his skin, and then Taiga’s eyes open, burning with a new hunger.

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