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[team two]

Kuroo is the barista at their little cafe and he can’t help but flirt with Tsukishima. I’m sorry. This is short and goes no where. I will someday write something that I don’t have to apologize for.

Right at the same time every day, Kuroo’s favorite customer comes into the cafe for his morning cup of coffee. He asks what the guy will be having, even though he already knows his coffee order by heart, and then Kuroo tries to strike up a conversation and does his best wheedle even just a snipit of new information out of the tall blonde. It’s like pulling teeth. the tall blonde often just ignoring his efforts, but since he continues to come anyway, Kuroo figures he must not hate him. It had taken about a month for Kuroo to get his name and even then, just his last name.

Tsukishima. Kuroo immediately shortened it to Tsukki and got the harshest glare for it, so he’s called him nothing else since. Kuroo sometimes adds the nickname to his sentence for no other reason than to rile up the man.

Kuroo and his friends have a small operation here. Akaashi bakes the most delicious pastries ever, Bokuto runs the business side of things, and Kuroo makes the coffee. They are located in a quiet neighborhood, most of their customers locals and come in regularly. They’ve built solid relationships with their regulars, creating a warm, at-home atmosphere in their little cafe.

As Kuroo watches Tsukishima take his usual table at the back corner of the shop, Bokuto slides up next to him and nudges Kuroo in the ribs. “Learn anything new today?”

Kuroo chuckles and starts grinding the beans for Tsukishima’s order. “No, but he’s in a good mood today.”

Bokuto looks over to Tsukishima and then back at the barista. “Looks like the same sourpuss to me.”

Kuroo hums, not bothering to tell his friend that if you looked closely, Tsukishima’s eyes are brighter today, the corners of his mouth turned up ever so slightly. He just takes the freshly ground coffee and sets up the Chemex coffee maker. As he slowly pours in the rings of hot water, Kuroo can’t stop himself from wondering what’s made Tsukishima so happy today.

Once the coffee is ready to be served, Kuroo steps out from behind the counter to bring it to Tsukishima’s table.

“Tsukki~ Here you are,” he says cheerfully as he sets down the coffee mug.

“Stop calling me that.”

It’s basically an automatic reaction at this point. Kuroo grins. “You going to the festival this weekend?”

Tsukishima pauses. “Thinking about it.”

Kuroo’s grin widens. “Maybe see you there then. I bet you look good in a yukata.” And with that, he heads back to the counter.

He really hopes that wasn’t too much.

You’re up thesecretdoor!
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