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[team three] all that jazz

HELLO I AM BACK AGAIN and this time I bring more of my weird jazz au that started with this post right here. What goes on between last post and this one?? I have no idea. Just randomly picking up here because i also turned out waaaaaay more cheesy than intended.

"What makes it so fun?" Hikaru asked, stemless wine glass resting on his knee. He didn't want to admit to himself that he was a little tipsy, too many glasses of wine in his system, but he could say no to that beautiful smile, smooth voice asking if he wanted another.

"Makes what fun?"

Takaki was so close, sitting side by side on that couch that probably cost more than Hikaru's rent. His cologne had long entered Hikaru's bloodstream, and every breath reminded of who he was with, whose apartment he was in. Everything felt distinctly Takaki, from the lighting to the decorations, even the aquarium behind them that filled most of the wall. It was all him, no hint of another person's gentle touch to decorate the space.

"The whole music thing," Hikaru said, and he felt himself talking more with his free hand than he normally did. He mentally reminded himself he was getting more towards drunk than tipsy, but it was just the affect Takaki had on him, he supposed.

Takaki laughed, a full hearty sound, and all Hikaru wanted to do was close the small distance between them and kiss him. "It's more than just a 'thing' you know. It's my passion."

"I thought the ocean was your passion."

"One of my passions," Takaki said, meeting Hikaru's teasing comment head on. "It's just...something I love. My grandfather played the trumpet, and he taught me...well, pretty much as soon as I could walk."

He watched as Takaki smiled, eyes distant as if he was remembering a fond memory. "We used to go out to the beach and play in the water all day. Me and my family, you know? And just as the sun would set, my grandfather would go back to the car and get our trumpets. We'd play for the entire family and anyone that was still around. Sometimes we'd only play for the ocean to listen."

"It sounds like so much fun," Hikaru said, voice coming out softer than he thought, as if he didn't want to break the spell Takaki was under."

"Yeah, it was." He nodded, hand drawing some pattern on his own knee. "I found jazz on my own, and I morphed into that style, especially when my grandfather passed. It allowed me to let out everything I was feeling. The pain, the hurt, the sorrow, the joy. Anything I felt, I could just play those notes, and it soothed me."

"And it let you have all of this?"

Takaki laughed once more. "The day job gave me this," he motioned to the well dressed room around them. "Music brought me passion. It's all I need in life really."

Words failed to come to Hikaru, the alcohol clouding his mind too much to form something profound. He wanted to say so much, the sorrow over losing a loved one, the pride that Takaki had found something he loved, how he almost, ALMOST, wanted to share in that passion with his own music, but he couldn't string together the words he wanted to, leaving him dumbfounded.

His wine glass was removed from his hand, and placed on the glass coffee table before him. Warm hands capturing his face, fingers tucked behind Hikaru's ears, as Takaki pulled them closer together, foreheads touching.

"I'm...probably being forward right now," he whispered, breath hot against Hikaru's skin, "but I don't care."

Heart beating faster, he felt his eyes struggling to focus on the man in front of him. His body screaming out, desperately wanting Takaki to shut up and kiss him.

It was soft and sweet, unlike the hunk of sex appeal he had been immediately attracted to. As if Takaki wasn't sure how to kiss him, what Hikaru liked, and he was scared to experiment without repercussion. Not that Hikaru minded. It was a sweet first kiss, one he was sure would grow hotter as time went by.

The kiss ended too soon, breaking apart only for Hikaru wanting to put them back together once more.

"But," Takaki said, voice breathy, "you know what the best part of playing my music is?"

"I dunno," Hikaru said. His head was spinning. From the alcohol or the kiss, he wasn't sure. He only knew there was one cure, and he hoped Takaki could read his mind.

Takaki tucked Hikaru's hair behind his ear, gentle smile back. "That through the years and years of practice, performances, of love and loss, out of everyone on this planet surrounding us on the day to day, I was able to fall in love with you."

Next up is orangegreenlove
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