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[TEAM FOUR] It's the pits

This is doing double duty for both SportsFest and shiritori. :D The prompt involved ball pits.

I have personally found myself in this very quandary. Though I imagine it would've been much more enjoyable with BoKuroo.

His alarm goes off far too early for a Sunday but Bokuto doesn’t care. First, he often wakes up before the electronic trill of music anyway and second because today is going to be his amazing first anniversary date day with Kuroo.

He’s been planning it for ages and he can’t wait to get moving. Unfortunately the place won’t be open until noon and he’d told Kuroo that it was definitely better for them not to eat right before they went. Kuroo had sent him a snapchat of his most dubious face but Bokuto was determined to keep it a surprise. He settled for sending Kuroo a happy anniversary text that was more than half emojis. He’d bet money his guy was still asleep anyway.

By the time afternoon rolled around Bokuto was practically vibrating with excitement. They met a station near Yokohama, greeting each other with a toned down for public version of a hello hug. Kuroo pestered him for details throughout the whole fifteen minute walk to the place but Bokuto just laughed and refused to give in.

Finally they reached a huge warehouse and Bokuto swept the door open with a flourish.

“It’s a trampoline park,” Bokuto practically screamed. Luckily, the place was huge and already pretty noisy so no one gave him the stink eye.

Kuroo’s eyes were wide as he took in the giant trampoline floors, the trampoline basketball, and trampoline dodgeball court. “Holy shit, no wonder you’ve been so amped. This place looks amazing.”

Bokuto slung an arm around his shoulders. “Dude, we are going to kick so much ass at trampoline dodgeball.”

“We so are,” Kuroo grinned maniacally. “Here’s hoping we don’t get injured because our friends will never let us forget it. But you only live once, right?”

A good amount of time later they had tried all of the various areas and in fact, had quite a time in trampoline dodgeball. Kuroo turned and held out a hand for Bokuto to steady himself climbing off the court when he looked off towards the back corner.

“Hey, what’s that?”

That turned out to be the biggest ball pit they had ever seen. Well, less ball pit and more giant foam block pit but it wasn’t nearly as catchy. It had to be at least twenty feet square. There was even a trampoline on the side to bounce off from.


“You’re telling me,” Kuroo agreed. “We have to just fucking go for it, right?”

Bokuto couldn’t help but laugh. He had the best boyfriend and they were having the best anniversary. He couldn’t believe how well everything was going.

He held out a hand to Kuroo. “Together?”

Kuroo smiled back, lacing their fingers together. “You know it.”

They took a huge running leap, bounced epically off the trampoline and soared right into the middle of the pit, landing with soft ‘oofs’.

They were both laughing, grinning at each other, completely delighted.

Until they tried to move.

Now, in Bokuto’s admittedly somewhat limited experience with ball pits, they were a little hard to get out of but once you found your footing you could push against the resistance and wade to the edge.

Unlike the usual brightly colored plastic balls, the foam blocks in this pit were about two feet square and incredibly dense. Bokuto tried to shove his feet down to reach the bottom only to meet more foam blocks. He considered himself a pretty strong guy. After all, he worked hard to train his muscles for volleyball, he could handle most physical challenges pretty easily. But using his strength to push away the blocks just yielded more blocks falling in to take their place.

He looked over to meet Kuroo’s identically panicked gaze and they flailed uselessly in unison for a moment before sagging back into their foamy prison.

“So,” Bokuto started weakly, “I may have miscalculated.”

Kuroo reached out to squeeze his hand, “yeah, I think we live here now.”

Bokuto squirmed his hand down to grab his phone from his pocket.

“Calling for help?”

He pouted at the screen when his phone dinged to indicate the reply to his hasty string of texts had arrived. “I texted Akaashi and he just sent me this,” Bokto passed the phone over to Kuroo so he could see the fifteen second video of Akaashi laughing until he started hiccuping and dropped the phone.

Kuroo chuckled, “Some help he is. I have no doubt that I’ll get a snarky text from Kenma about this later.” Kuroo shifted around experimentally. “So… the good news is that I think I found the bottom. The bad news is that I just stepped on something that is a different kind of squishy than these foam blocks and I am positive that I don’t want to know what it is.”

Bokuto grimaced. There wasn’t anyone waiting to jump in but it the place was full of people so it was only a matter of time. They would have to figure something out.

Kuroo seemed to be coming to a similar conclusion. “I don’t think there’s a choice. We’re just going to have to save ourselves. At the cost of 100% of our dignity.”

“No one else has to know,” Bokuto agreed.

The next ten minutes of squirming, flailing, and flopping limbs was the least graceful and dignified thing Bokuto is sure either of them had ever done. They finally made it to the edge and pulled themselves up, panting and sweaty. Maybe he should bring the team here for conditioning because jeez.

They sat on the edge for a moment, contemplating their escape from the foam morass. Bokuto shot a glance over at Kuroo. “Hey, Tetsu?”


“Do you think that was that the best or worst date activity ever?”

Kuroo put his exaggerated thinking face on before turned back to Bokuto with a grin. “Hmmmmmm. Both?”

“Both is good,” Bokuto agreed, laughing.

Over to you, marksykins
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