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[Team Two] Red Like Rouge

Trigger warnings for noncon and death. Don't like, don't read.

By far the darkest thing I've ever posted. #sorrynotsorry In which, assassin!Taiga meets his match. And now I shall hide. /(>_<)\

Inching closer until their lips touch in a chaste kiss, Taiga kept his target’s eyes trained on his face even after their lips parted with a practiced coy smile. His left hand cradled the crook of the dangerous yakuza’s neck as his eyes flit from his target’s lips to his deeply set eyes. Taiga’s smile grew wider at the obvious adoration he saw there. He was the one dictating their exchange now.

Shirota Yu, the half-foreign gunslinger was one of the most notorious names in this Meiji era who dealt guns in the underworld and had murdered countless of sword-bearing samurai with his sharp aim. Taiga studied his features, skin as pale as Taiga’s own, eyes a strange mix of green and brown. He could easily be described as handsome, if not for the darkness in those eyes hiding things that no normal person wanted to see. The scales of a dragon tattooed onto his body peeked out ever so slightly from under the collar of his yukata. A reminder that despite his gentlemanly looks, he was a member of the underworld and was not to be messed with. But every monster had its weakness. And most of these powerful dark characters had a common obsession for women.

Not that he was a woman, but his feminine looks had helped him carry out many of his assassination missions smoothly, and tonight was meant to be the same.

He leaned in for another kiss, watching attentively for the moment that Shirota closed his eyes. Taiga’s right hand reached behind his back to draw the knife hidden in his obi. Distracting Shirota with his tongue, he spun the blade in his grip so that the pointed tip jutted out from past his pinky. Soundlessly, he swung it to stab into the bare neck of his target. But the knife never met its mark.

He gasped as suddenly a huge hand choked his neck, pushing him backwards. His eyes shot open wide at the smug look on Shirota’s face. He glanced at his knife-wielding right hand, his wrist locked tight in Shirota’s iron grip.

“You’re not the first courtesan to try and assassinate me,” Shirota chuckled, his voice deep and confident. “And you’re not the first to use this tactic, so don’t praise yourself just yet.”

Taiga scowled. This was why assassinations were better done by men. He wasn’t going to let this be the end for him even if he had to resort to brute force. Dropping the knife from his right hand, his unrestrained left hand caught it and swung it at Shirota, making him back away if he wanted to dodge it unscathed.

“Ohhh,” Shirota let out, impressed. Eyeing him with increased admiration. The towering murderer still cocksure that he was not on the losing end in this battle and that confidence ticked Taiga off so much.

They circled the room, neither wanting to make the first move. But Shirota’s patience proved to outlast Taiga’s. Taiga reached for one of the satin sheets he had laid on while waiting for Shirota to arrive, throwing it towards his opponent’s face to block out his line of sight for a moment before he charged in and aimed for Shirota’s gut, thrusting his knife forward with both hands.

Unfortunately, Shirota’s instincts were inhumanly sharp and he caught both of Taiga’s wrists easily with one large hand.

“Patience is a virtue that would’ve gone well with your beauty, my dear,” Shirota crooned, a flirtatious lilt to his voice. This was obviously just a game to him.

Taiga clicked his tongue and attempted to bite him. Shirota only laughed, pulling on Taiga’s wrists, yanking him around like he was nothing more than a ragdoll. So much for brute force. He flung Taiga against the wall, hand still holding firm onto Taiga’s, knocking the breath out of his smaller frame.

“I must say that this is some pretty exciting foreplay for what I paid for you at the door,” Shirota teased. The satin cloth caught in his right hand quickly and artfully used to bind Taiga’s wrists together.

Taiga cursed as his knife was yanked from his grip, and his wrists locked together by red satin and pinned above his head.

He shrieked when Shirota used his knife to rip open the front of his kimono. Not expecting a defeat this humiliating.

The yakuza blinked in surprise. “You’re a guy?” mused Shirota. He studied his flat chest in disbelief. “You’re too damn pretty to be a guy,” he said as he ripped open his fundoshi as well apparently not in the least disgusted by his findings.

Taiga grunted, landing on his elbows and knees as he was flung to the futon laid on the floor. “What are you doing?” he asked. How could he still be willing to go through with it after knowing he didn’t have a vagina? Where would he attempt to put his dick?

“I’m getting my money’s worth,” Shirota told him casually, draping himself over Taiga and kissing him on the neck. He gasped, feeling all his hairs stand on end.

“No way,” he uttered in shock, trying to crawl out from beneath the other. But he was swiftly pulled back by his waist. His ass brushed against something hard and he froze. Shivers running down his spine upon realizing what was about to happen.

Shirota relished his consternation, brushing his finger against Taiga’s cheek. “I take it that you haven’t lost yet,” Shirota commented, before reaching for the array of ointments prepared by the brothel conveniently placed where he could reach.

“Why would I?” Taiga sneered, throwing a glare to the yakuza behind him.

“I suppose you were pretty good, if you were up against anyone but me,” that annoying voice gloated. At the corner of his vision, Taiga saw him push the fabric of Taiga’s kimono out of the way to drop a clear oil on Taiga’s rear.

Nothing could’ve prepared Taiga for the strange sensation of being fingered. Strange, with nothing pleasant about it. He bit his lip, only able to imagine how it would feel when Shirota’s dick penetrated him.

Shirota was surprisingly patient, working him open slowly as he struggled to get away. Holding him so tightly as if he was hugging Taiga to his chest. His weight bore down on Taiga. To the point that Taiga’s elbows felt sore from holding them both up that he eventually gave in, resting his cheek on the soft cushion. His hips still held up by Shirota.

“Now that’s a good boy,” Shirota cooed, breath tickling Taiga’s earlobe making him shudder again.

“On with it!” Taiga demanded, the stretching starting to ache and he was ready to have it over with.

He choked back a scream when Shirota’s dick finally pushed against the entrance of his hole. His breath coming in shallow. He didn’t want to overreact but he swore that Shirota had to be fucking huge. It seemed like aeons before Shirota was fully sheathed inside him.

“Fuck,” Taiga gasped breathlessly, finally able to breathe at his own pace again.

“As you wish.”

Shirota pulled back and snapped his hips, pausing to drop a few extra drops of ointment before he began that unforgiving rhythm. Taiga screamed at each thrust, ends trailing off into whimpers. And suddenly, fingers wrapped around Taiga’s own dick, still slick with ointment, they glided across his skin smoothly, pumping him till he was hard and leaking.

Suddenly there was pleasure, pleasure that spread through him, making his toes curl and tingled at his fingertips. Taiga shrank, his teeth biting his own thumb to keep himself from moaning. “Not fair, not fair,” he muttered as Shirota planted kisses down his neck and across his shoulder, his kimono artfully slipping off to reveal pale skin with nothing left holding the fabric in place.

“Nnnngh,” he moaned under Shirota's attentions. He felt small, helpless, like a toy being used to fulfill the yakuza’s sexual desires. His frustration manifesting in a stream of curses.

“Gorgeous and delightfully tight,” Shirota praised him, driving into him with such abandon that Taiga quaked beneath him.

There was a building rush, an uncontrollable feeling that multiplied every time Shirota snapped his hips. He heard his own voice, desperate and high pitched, and it sounded so foreign to him. Suddenly it all exploded and all he could feel was bliss. Until he crashed back into reality.

“That was fast,” Shirota commented, pulling out and flipping him over so Taiga could lie on his back.

Angry tears welled in Taiga’s eyes and he kicked Shirota as hard as he could, but the strength had left his legs and his kicks did little to faze the taller man. Shirota pressed Taiga’s knees to his chest before leaning in to kiss him. Their exchange only kept brief so that Taiga wouldn’t try biting again.

“You’re cute when you cry,” Shirota mused with a sadistic smirk. Pushing back into Taiga in one smooth movement.

Taiga screamed again, hands scrabbling for Shirota’s collar. After coming, everything hurt more than it did before. And this time, he couldn’t hold back his tears when Shirota pounded into him again.

Taiga was a dishevelled mess by the time Shirota reached his peak. Tear-stained cheeks and flushed pink skin looking defeated and docile.

Satisfied with his work, Shirota kissed him again, invading his mouth with his tongue. Taiga did nothing to stop him now, letting the yakuza do as he pleased. There was a rustle as Taiga undid his long hair, making himself more comfortable on the sheets and suddenly the beautiful assassin was kissing him back, broken and obedient.

But wait… that didn’t feel right. Shirota pulled away slowly and the last thing he saw was the smirk on those painted red lips as Taiga stabbed him through the ear with his pointed hairpin. Excruciating pain took over all his senses and his vision faded. Shirota collapsed. Still and unmoving.

“Serves you right.”


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