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[Team Three] turbulence in the sky

Just randomly trying to move forward with this old yu-gi-oh fic again. Maybe one day I'll get to the actual plot :P

Malik knows it will be a few hours before the rain lets up. He doesn't dare try to bring his motorcycle out in this weather. So instead he sits on the porch of their little house and watches the storms blow through.

The clouds swirl like someone above is sticking their hands in fingerpaint, shaping and reshaping the clouds into something more ominous. The rain falls in sheets, and the excess quickly runs towards the Nile, getting absorbed back into the river like welcoming back an old friend.

Malik isn't happy about missing his evening drive but he does occasionally enjoy watching these summer storms roll through.

They make him feel more alive.

"Mind if I join you out here?" Ryou's voice oozes politeness like a beehive oozes honey. Malik wonders if he's always been like that or if it's a trait he picked up over the years to differentiate himself from the nastiness of the Thief.

"Plenty of room on the porch," Malik answers, gesturing for his guest to take a seat beside him.

It's still weird to see Ryou here, especially without the Thief as an ominous presence haunting them. But then again, Malik figures it must be weird for Ryou to see him being much less murderous than before.

"You enjoying your trip so far?" Malik asks. It's a poor attempt at small talk because they'd already covered the topic during dinner.

Ryou nods, and then gestures towards the rainstorm in front of them. "I had hoped to do a bit more sightseeing, but oh well." He shrugs with a half-smile.

"You see one pyramid, you've seen them all," Malik replies with a laugh. "It's sand, stone, more sand, and then more stone."

Ryou laughs quietly, politely, at his joke.

"I've seen enough sand so far, I guess. I'm heading back to Japan tomorrow anyway."

Malik can't get a read on how Ryou really feels. He has no idea whether the other is making a joke or seriously complaining. It's been a while since Malik has found himself so fascinated, so drawn to someone.

The rain slows to a trickle and then fades away as one storm rolls further in the distance. But there are still dark storm clouds on the horizon.

Malik has a terrible idea. He can barely hide the smile on his face.

"You ever ridden on a motorcycle before?" He grins at Ryou's surprised expression to the random question.


Malik stands up. "Well then, let's go. Time to get in some last minute sight-seeing."

"But aren't there more storms coming?"

"Looks like it," Malik says as he walks toward the garage. Ryou follows him, reluctantly but not nearly as much as Malik expected.

"But isn't that dangerous?" Ryou glances warily up at the sky.

Malik hands him a helmet, and he's still grinning.

"That's what makes it so fun."

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