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I'm so useless this is so late and I'm sorry. /__\

"Feel a little bit better already," Taiga pleads through his thinly pursed lips as he lets his hands roam over Juri's face, worrying over the other man's unmoving form. "Please, wake up."

For what feels like another eternity, Juri remains as still as death. It's intentional this time, Taiga did this. He let his selfishness reign—he took Juri's life before the last of it has left his body—and gave him the same eternity.

But waiting until the very last minute has led to this little moment of doubt, panic slowly rising in Taiga's throat. He lies beside Juri, feeling the threat of tears that won't ever fall from his own eyes. Despair paints his voice as he mouths, "Did it not work? Am I too late?"

"Too late for what?" Juri whispers, his voice a little raspy still, though it's the most alive it has sounded since he's reached the last stages of his illness. He watches as Taiga's gaze slowly switches from despaired to hesitantly delighted.

"You're still with me," Taiga says. His voice is shaking with the intensity of his emotions, relief washing over his earlier despair, but he can smile now.

"Of course, and I will always be from now on," Juri smiles back. He snuggles to Taiga, inching closer until their lips touch in a chaste kiss.

I love you, please accept my apologies. su_jin
Tags: *team two, fandom: sixtones, love ranger: dusk037, warning: and they all died, warning: wtfery ahead
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