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[Team Three] Raining Possibilities

With rain comes the scent of expectancy, a hint of possibilities waiting to unfurl their petals when the sun breaks through. Amber feels emotions swelling in her throat in response, the ache of hope tempered by a wistful longing for something she can’t quite name. She grabs her clear plastic umbrella with one bent spine and shoves her toes into lace up boots.

Pools of rain on the sidewalk reveal each dip and uneven patch in the pavement. The smell of damp earth hangs in the air like the perfume clinging to the hair of the cashier in the 7-Eleven near the station. Or maybe she just uses really nice shampoo, Amber thinks as she exits with a thank you.

The subway platforms and the floors of the train cars are a mess when it rains. Dropped receipts and discarded fliers turn to pulp under muddy boots and even the concrete walls of the tunnels sweat in the humidity. Amber loves rainy days, even if her socks get damp. The sunlight has a softness to it, as if filtered through fine gray silk. The hot summer air loses its lazy tranquility and slips into a meditative state, tree trunks and trouser hems and wildflowers all soaking in the wetness that promises changes ahead, growth and decay and regeneration.

If Amber closes her eyes and stills herself, brown boots planted firmly on the platform in anticipation, she almost feels the curl of Jinri’s fingers finding her own, the brush of her baggy sweater sleeve on Amber’s bare wrist. The train roars into the tunnel just ahead, rounding a tight curve and squealing to a halt in front of Amber’s queue. The doors swish open and Amber smiles at the soft breath of Jinri’s kiss on her face. Something good will happen today, Amber knows it.
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