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[Team Five] unfinished jaemren fic

This is part of my unfinished jaemren (NCT Jaemin/Renjun) fic.

Keeping quiet and still takes all but one minute before Jaemin is grumbling to himself, “This sucks.” He proceeds to put on earphones and listen to a short podcast on measuring poverty by Sabina Alkire. As the interviewer introduces the podcast and the speaker, he takes out a piece of paper and a pen from his bag. There are several times he pauses the audio to replay and write down on his paper. Listening to English podcasts demands more effort from him than Korean ones but he’s slowly getting used to it after a year of making it a habit.

“May I sit here?”

Jaemin pauses the audio and looks up to see that most of the room is now filled with his classmates. Turning to his waiting classmate, he nods to the empty seat next to him. There’s around ten more minutes to the podcast but he puts away his earphones and his note-filled paper. He knows, seeing from the corner of his eye, that his seatmate is staring at him. He turns his head to look properly at the other. His mind halts for a quick moment at the beauty he gazes on before he asks, “I- Can I help you with anything?”

“Oh, sorry.” The other shakes his head and continues, “I saw your notes and I was uhh- well, fascinated. Is it for another class?”

“No,” Jaemin shrugs in nonchalance. “Just a hobby I picked up. I like to listen to podcasts and sometimes I write things down.”

His seatmate’s eyes seem to sparkle with delight. “Wow. Great hobby!”

“Thanks,” Jaemin can’t help but smile wide at the compliment. “I’m Na Jaemin.”

“Huang Renjun. Nice to meet you.” Renjun answers back with a smile. “Born in 2000. Are you...older?”

“I’m honestly a little bit hurt about that. Do I really look old?” Jaemin pouts, a hand on top of his chest. “We’re the same age.”

Renjun chuckles at the action. “You don’t look that old. I just thought you were older by a year or two. You seemed mature. But I know now that you’re not.”

“What do you mean I’m not mature?” Jaemin gasps with much exaggeration. “Didn’t you just see me listening to an educational podcast and writing down notes like a mature college student on track in his academic career? This is impudence.

Renjun raises an eyebrow at hearing the English sentence. He replies, “Speaking English and listening to podcasts don’t make you mature. But I do have to hand it to you. Those make you seem intelligent.”

Jaemin giggles before correcting his newfound friend, “I don’t just seem intelligent. I am. I’m pretty smart.”

“We’ll see,” Renjun goads as he shrugs to turn to the front of the room. He has a small smile tugging at his lips that Jaemin can clearly see.

“I hear a challenge and I’m so-” The professor striding in cuts Jaemin off in his declaration. He continues in a whisper, “You’re on. I’ll prove to you I’m smart.”

Your turn, fairyminseok! :)
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