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[Team Three] Tease

“Make up your fucking mind already!” Taiga snapped, impatience making his voice sharp. He was flat on his back in Hokuto’s bed, his wrists chained to the headboard, his ankles kept apart by a spreader bar, and to top it all off his eyes were covered by a blindfold. The only way he could have been more helpless would be if he was gagged too. “Does it fucking matter which fucking flavour lube you use to eat my ass?!”

“But we’re out of vanilla, and that’s my favourite,” Hokuto replied from somewhere near the foot of the bed.

Taiga rolled his eyes under the blindfold. “I swear, if you don’t get your mouth on me right this second-”

“Sorry, sorry.” The bed dipped and Hokuto’s lips brushed against Taiga’s face. “I’ll take good care of you.”

Taiga didn’t get a chance to yell at Hokuto over that cheesy line, because Hokuto finally stopped playing around. Taiga’s legs were pulled up by the spreader bar, and Hokuto didn’t stop until Taiga’s ankles were near the headboard and Taiga was practically folded in half. There was the usual clinking noise of the spreader bar getting chained to the headboard and Taiga drew a deep breath.

Now with his ass up in the air, Taiga was completely at Hokuto’s mercy. Hokuto started slow, with light touches to Taiga’s thighs, gentle fingers fluttering up and down his legs. A kiss to his balls. A kiss to his left knee. A light slap on his ass. Taiga was soon panting, and Hokuto hadn’t even really done anything yet.

Lube-slick fingers teased at his hole, trailing circles around the puckered skin until Taiga was just about ready to beg. A whimper or two might have escaped him, or perhaps Hokuto just knew him that well, but right when Taiga thought he couldn’t wait even one second longer, Hokuto’s slick fingers pressed into his ass.

Two fingers right away, stretching, probing, teasing. Taiga gasped and moaned, not trying to hold anything back - that was the point of the blindfold, after all. If he couldn’t see, it wasn’t embarrassing. Hokuto’s clever fingers withdrew way too soon and Taiga whined at the loss, but before he could gather enough words to complain, Hokuto’s slick tongue took their place.

Hokuto licked at his hole with broad strokes, not quite teasing. Taiga rattled the handcuffs against the headboard, which was as much movement as he was capable of at the moment. He could actually feel Hokuto’s laughter against his ass, vibrations and puffing air, a much bigger tease than all the little things Hokuto had done on purpose.

“Get on with it, damn you,” Taiga groaned. “Come on already!”

In answer, Hokuto blew over Taiga’s puckered hole, making it twitch. Taiga cursed again, but his curses soon turned to moans when Hokuto got serious about it, licking and sucking at him until the tight muscle relaxed a little. Hokuto licked his way inside slowly, with small teasing flicks of his tongue until Taiga was just about ready to go out of his mind.

Hokuto moved up to lick at Taiga’s balls and switched to teasing Taiga’s ass with his fingers once more. Much slower than necessary, Hokuto pressed his thumb into Taiga, making Taiga groan at the tease of it. By now, Taiga was more than ready to beg, but he knew from experience that there was no point in begging when Hokuto was in one of his rare sadistic moods. No one and nothing could make Hokuto move even one second faster right now.

By this point Taiga had been hard for so long that his dick was positively aching with the need for release. He clenched tight around Hokuto’s thumb, begging with his body instead of his voice, though he didn’t exactly believe that would work either. Hokuto kissed Taiga’s thigh, acknowledging his effort, and moved his thumb in and out of Taiga’s tight, slick ass just a little faster.

“Hokku,” Taiga whined. “Come on, just fuck me already.”

Next up is mousapelli!

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