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[team two] wilted flowers

I'm so sorry this is so late >_< I have been away fom home and lost track of things a little with kira_shadow and talisa_ahn skipping!

This is because I have many feels about Keito going away to study T_T

"Dead?!" Yamada exclaims when Arioka meets him outside his front door to hand back his keys.

Arioka winces as he nods "Well, not all of them...the cactuses survived..."

"Cacti" Yamada corrects him, and then he shakes his head in exasperation because that's not even the point. He huffs as he snatches his key from Arioka's outstretched hand and then mutters "Forget it" as he barges past to assess the damage for himself.

A week he's been gone, just one week and somehow Arioka has managed to kill every plant in his house, save the cacti. Even the spider plant on top of his bookshelf is looking worse for wear and Yamada forgets to water that himself some days and its survived just fine this far.

"I'll replace them." Arioka's small voice offers from behind him. "All the ones I killed, I'll buy you new ones."

"It doesn't matter." Yamada tuts.

"But you're angry..." Arioka whines.

"I said it doesn't matter." He snaps. "It's fine, just go".

He can barely even bring himself to check outside on the balcony where his Strawberry plant was once thriving but with an aggravated sigh he makes his way out.

It's beyond rescue. It's beyond Yamada's ability to rescue it at least. Keito would know what to do with it, only Keito isn't here. If Keito were here then Yamada wouldn't have had to resort to asking Arioka to look after his plants while he was away. It's all Keito's fault really.

But Keito isn't here. Keito is in New York, and just the thought has his anger fizzling out and settling as an uncomfortable weight in his chest.

It's not about the plants, it's not like he's particularly attached to them, they're just there, day in day out, part of the scenery. Just like Keito was. And now Keito isn't because he's in New York.

The weight in his chest makes his throat feel thick and his eyes sting. He shouldn't have taken Keito's presence for granted. He should have told Keito how much he was appreciated and needed. He should have found the time to say it every day - he managed to find time to water the stupid plants every day.

With a sigh he goes back inside to fill the watering can from the kitchen sink. It might be too late to save it, but he's not just going to give up.

It's your turn faded_lace
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