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[Team Two] Welcome to the Heartbreak Club

I just couldn't get Heartbreak Club out of my head. And then glitter, glam and jazzy music was all I could think of.

“It looks perrrrfect~” Sakuma cooed, dusting the finishing touches of glitter onto Taiga’s cheekbones. “Now they match your sparkly eyeshadow!”

Taiga threw him a glare but he didn’t argue once he had a chance to admire his reflection. Taiga wasn’t a fan of pink glitter and he’d never be caught buying any, especially not in that appalling color, but Sakuma insisted that since they were both blond, they should have matching make up tonight and he could share Sakuma's stash of glitter. And actually it didn’t look half bad.

“Sorry to butt in when you’re admiring your one true love in the mirror, but we should stand by on stage now, Narcissus,” Sakuma teased, putting on his sparkly pink blazer, sequins reflecting the light of the vanity mirrors and shimmering as the fabric moved.

Taiga scoffed, rolling his eyes. “I wasn’t admiring myself,” he protested getting up to put on his own sleek hot pink blazer. “I was admiring your handiwork, Sakuma-sama,” he taunted back, giving Sakuma’s shoulders a squeeze.

The grin Sakuma shot him was all teeth and crescent eyes. “Glad you like it!”

With a fist bump and a matching grin, the pink duo headed towards the stage. “Knock ‘em dead!”

You're up, kira_shadow!~
Tags: *team two, fandom: msm/noon boyz/snow men, fandom: sixtones, love ranger: su_jin, warning: wtfery ahead
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