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[TEAM ONE] Single Dad!Chanyeol outtake

Here's Team One's last post before our hiatus. We'll be back in early August. Thank you to Mousi for allowing us this!

It only takes a couple more nights of sharing a bed for the two of them to feel comfortable, for them to realise this is what they want. To be together, like this.

They don’t move everything of Kyungsoo’s into Chanyeol’s. Just some clothes, books. It’s a little cramped, what with the music equipment that’s been in there for years now, but it’s also cosy. Kyungsoo likes it. Their room.

Jinsol takes it as well as can be said of a child, though the first time she sees them kiss, when they’re still experimenting with their closeness, she does throw her hands over her eyes and run away, whining. “I’m telling Yena!” she shouts, and Kyungsoo winces. He likes Jinhee, but the moment she finds out, she’ll never let either of them live it down. Same with Joonmyun.

And yet, that’s a price he’s willing to pay, for this love, for this comfort. Joonmyun and Jinhee are harmless, and love them, and will be happy for them. That’s all that really matters.

No tags. :) Is that the first time that's been said...?
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