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[team one] new beginnings

A short thing to keep it going. Space AU c:

The sensations of Hakyeon’s fingers tapping soft patterns into his skin gave Jaehwan goosebumps. He sighed in content, turned around to face his lover who was watching him with shining eyes. “Good morning,” he murmured, gaze flicking down to Hakyeon’s lips.

Hakyeon looked out of the window, into the vast expanse of space surrounding them and the ship. Off-planet it was impossible to really tell what time it was, but they had come to not care. “Good… whatever it is.” He laughed, pressing his forehead against Jaehwan’s, and they had been together for so long Jaehwan lost count of the days, but he still couldn’t believe he had someone so beautiful in his arms.

“We just woke up, which means it’s morning,” Jaehwan decided. He cupped Hakyeon’s cheek with his hand and kissed the corner of his mouth. “Which means we can laze around until… noon. Which is whenever we want it to be.”

With a glint in his eyes, Hakyeon hummed as if giving it a moment’s thought. Then he returned the kiss, but fully on the lips. “Let’s lie around and we’ll see. We’ll delay noon until later.”

“I like that idea.”

They lost track of time lying in bed, cuddling and giving each other sweet kisses, some of them turning rougher until they were panting. Jaehwan moaned when Hakyeon bit on his neck—and then the loud beeping sound of the alarm stopped them in their tracks.

“Should we… Check that out?” Hakyeon asked, but Jaehwan was already crawling out of the bed and putting on pants. Curious, he followed suit.

“Jekyll, what’s going on?” Jaehwan left the bedroom and went out to the cockpit. As he entered, the control panel seemed to wake up in a display of lights around the various controls.

We do seem to have a stowaway trying to enter the ship, sir, the ship’s interface supplied in its always pleasant voice.

Hakyeon peered at the screens looking for an image of the intruder. They’d never had an intruder on the ship before, and he was almost a little excited—but he also didn’t know what people did in these situations. “Any other information? Species? Are they armed? Is it just one?”

Only one, sir, confirmed Jekyll. Seemingly human. They are hanging onto the ship with some contraption. Do you want to turn off the shields and drop them off?

“Holy shit, no, that would be evil!” Jaehwan was shocked at the thought of turning off the shields and letting whoever this was freeze to death just because they didn’t know them. “Shit, I don’t know…” He leaned over the console. “Let them on deck. We’ll decide what to do as we go. Come on, Hakyeon, let’s go check it out.”

“Oh, and Jekyll?” Hakyeon looked up, speaking to the disembodied voice as he and Jaehwan walked over to the deck. “Stop that beeping noise already, we get it.”

cairistiona the ball is yours! <3

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