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[TEAM FOUR] Set and Match

I have a strong premonition that all of my shiritori this summer is going to feature sports boys. <.<

Any of them could have seen it coming, he told himself. Toudai had one of the best volleyball teams in the country, of course a bunch of them would end up here, it was inevitable.

These are things that Kuroo told himself to try to calm down. It wasn’t like the universe was punishing him specifically with its choice of university teammates. Or would that be rewarding him? Yeah, in his dreams maybe.

Kuroo had been over the moon when he found out that both he and Bokuto had been accepted to Tokyo University and doubly so after they had successfully navigated tryouts and made the team. They’d gotten an apartment together not too far from campus and everything was set to be awesome. If he could make it through this practice everything would be ok.


It wasn’t that Kuroo had never met Oikawa Tooru. He’d been playing his teams in tournaments all through junior high and high school. And that one year they were in the same All Japan training camp. He knew Oikawa was a brilliant strategist with laser focus and a will of iron. He knew that he tailored his play to his teammates perfectly, his passes and tosses connecting with ease. He knew that Oikawa had a killer smile that had been making him just a little weak in the knees since their second year of high school.

While Kuroo had been on the receiving end of that smile a few times, (too many times, or not enough), he had never actually played with Oikawa. Their coach had decided to start off the first practice with a first years scrimmage match. So here he was, standing right next to Oikawa in the front line, trying to project an air of confidence while Bokuto snickered at him from across the net.

Luckily Oikawa misinterpreted Bokuto’s amusement and smirked back at him. “You seem pretty happy for someone who’s about to lose spectacularly, Bokkun,”

Did he mention that Oikawa gave everyone he was friendly with cutesy little nicknames. Kuroo loved those ridiculous nicknames. He was probably doomed.

“Tetsu-chan and I are going to kick your ass,” he continued sweetly while Kuroo tried not to choke on his breath.

He managed some sort of garbled response before coach blew the whistle to start the game. Oikawa gave him a sly little sidelong smile that he was afraid to try to interpret and they were off.

He and Kenma had been a very good team, good enough to make it to Nationals two years in a row, obviously. They knew each other well and adjusted to the other’s habits perfectly. But it had taken a lot of time and effort, the satisfying result of hard work. The second he saw the ball leave Oikawa’s hands, he knew it was going to be just right.

Oikawa hadn’t won best setter awards for nothing. The trajectory was perfect, the ball met Kuroo’s hand at the arc of his jump and he slammed in through the perfect slot between two opponents without a thought. Bokuto’s impressed whistle was probably sarcastic but Kuroo didn’t care. He was a little distracted by the sparkle in Oikawa’s eyes when he held his hand up for a high five.

“A good start to a long, productive relationship, Tetsu-chan!”

Kuroo swallowed hard, “we’re going to be great teammates.”

Oikawa winked and Kuroo was sure he was making some kind of face because Bokuto was definitely laughing at him again. “Sure, that too,” Oikawa agreed breezily.

Kuroo couldn’t help but grin, everything was going to be so much more than ok.

Your serve, marksykins!
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