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[team two] sensitive

I wanted to write something of at least a half decent length but something came up so I had to end it here T_T

“Off” Masaki grunts, tugging on Yuto’s T-shirt for emphasis before diving back into his mouth, nipping as much as kissing him, and Yuto’s head spins with the surge of arousal when it’s Yamada’s hands that sneak around his waist to tease the offending fabric upwards.

Masaki steps back to let Yamada pull it up over Yuto’s head, and for a moment he watches, looking up and down Yuto’s body in appraisal as Yamada’s hands flutter over his skin.

Yuto jerks as the rough pad of Yamada’s thumb snags against his nipple and then he shudders as Yamada hums against the back of his shoulder and brushes his thumb across it again.

“Yutti always did have sensitive nipples.” Yamada says and Yuto can hear the slight amusement in his voice but the way his other hand squeezes Yuto’s side just a little says he finds that particular memory anything but funny.

He’s sure Masaki knows the significance of the words, but he doesn’t comment, just peels his own T-shirt over his head and says “Wait until you see how he reacts when you lick them.”

It’s Yamada that shudders this time, almost imperceptibly, but pressed along Yuto’s back as he is, Yuto feels it. Whether it’s a shudder of anticipation, or a shudder at Masaki’s implication that he’s familiar with such reactions, Yuto isn’t sure and Yamada’s tone gives no indication as he answers “I’m looking forward to it.”

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