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[Team Two] Prison AU

Both Jesse and Juri have birthdays this week and Midori said "I'll write Jesse/Taiga, and you can write Juri/Taiga" so this is what we end up with wahahaha~ Warnings for foul language (since it's a prison setting) and brief appearances by evil Snowmen XD

Btw, Happy Birthday Juri! <3 Wishing you all the best! You're a blessing to the world and I hope you get all the pampering you deserve!

Attention pooled at the center of the dining hall at the clang of a metal tray hitting the floor. Someone’s food landed in a wet splat as cutleries bounced off the concrete, chiming in to echo sharply across the walls.

The pretty blond newbie frowned at the guy who walked into him. Eyebrows slanted sharply upwards above eyes overcast by shadows, his glare was darkly beautiful but sharp enough to kill.

“Oopsie, sorry!” Fukka laughed, lifting both palms to the air. His sarcastic tone made it known that it was no accident, and Taiga was not impressed the slightest. “Didn’t think you’d be such a pushover with that face,” he mocked, bending forward to smirk in Taiga’s face.

Taiga rolled his eyes, looking away with a bored expression. “Well if the food is what gave you that breath, I’d rather skip it,” he said, lifting a hand to cover his nose.

“What the fuck did you just say?!” Fukka yelled, grabbing Taiga by the collar, pushing the slender boy back a few steps.

Taiga’s glare did nothing to calm Fukka’s anger. “Don’t think I’ll go easy on you just cause you’re pretty!” Fukka threatened, but Taiga wouldn’t falter.

“What’re you gonna do? Run to your big beefy friends for help?” Taiga taunted, a dangerous glint in his eyes.

With a yell of pure rage, Fukka yanked Taiga by his tiny ponytail, earning a pained yelp as he caught Taiga off guard. Spinning Taiga so his back was now pressed against Fukka’s chest. “Not so tough now, huh?” Fukka taunted, face only inches away from Taiga’s porcelain skin.

Taiga grimaced in pain, but he fought back nonetheless, hands wrapping around Fukka’s wrist. Straining against Fukka’s grip, he pulled the hair tie off his hair, loosening Fukka’s grip on his scalp. Pulling down on Fukka’s arm with all his might, he flipped him over his shoulder and onto the floor.

Juri watched as Fukka held fast, pulling Taiga down with him, landing on the floor with a loud ‘oof’. Rolling so that he ended up on top of Taiga, straddling him, he wrestled Taiga’s arms to the ground. But try as he might, he couldn’t free his arms for long enough to land any punches, Taiga proving to be more of a fighter than he first seemed.

Juri couldn’t stand around watching anymore, getting up swiftly to approach the two. He pushed through the gathering crowd of boys egging on their fight. Obviously eager to see the fresh blood on the floor.

“Fukka!” Juri yelled, pulling the dark haired boy back. “Stop it! The guards are coming. You’ve already been warned haven’t you?”

“What? Trying to be a knight in shining armor, Juri? Don’t give me that bullshit.”

With the time that Juri had stalled, they could already hear shouting along the corridor as more guards approached the dining hall.

Fukka clicked his tongue, throwing glares at both Juri and Taiga as he left. “Don’t think it ends here, dimwits.”

Taiga left, barely uttering a word of thanks. Stealing a bread roll off a random tray as he left the room.


The next time he meets Taiga is in the corner of the courtyard. Hidden in the shadows, Iwamoto, Date and Fukka had him pinned against the wall. Date’s long fingers clamped around his mouth so he wouldn’t make a sound.

“HEY!” Juri yelled at them, hands slipping into his pocket for his trusty flip knife as he stormed up to the group.

Fukka took one look at him and groaned. “You again?”

“Stay out of this, Tanaka,” Iwamoto warned him. “You can still walk away now. Pretend you didn’t see anything.”

Juri snorted. “Nah, I’m not as low as you.” Pulling out his knife he took a swipe at Fukka first, making him stumble backwards into the wall. He pointed it at Iwamoto next, stepping into his personal space so he’d back away from Taiga.

Iwamoto looked down on him, eyes on the blade in front of him. “Where the fuck did you get that?”

“That’s a secret,” Juri said with a wink.

Suddenly hands wrapped around him from behind, Fukka grappling him when he was distracted by Iwamoto. Jumping onto Juri’s back to choke his neck with his arms. Juri swerved, ramming Fukka against the wall, smacking him with an elbow to his side.

He heard a scream, looking to the side, Date was cradling an injured hand where Taiga bit him, the slender one shoving him away easily with everyone’s attention on Juri.

As a warning, Juri swiped at Iwamoto’s chest, barely scraping his skin, but a gaping gash tore through the fabric. “The next swipe will draw blood,” he threatened, knife rising to Iwamoto’s face. “Or take away an eye maybe?”

“You’re no fun,” Iwamoto said clicking his tongue. “Let’s go,” he told the others, cocking his head to the door. “It’s not like you’ve anywhere to run,” he added just before leaving.

Juri sighed, shoulders relaxing as they retreated, turning to face Taiga. “You okay?”

Taiga’s eyes met his. “No one asked you to save me.”

“Well, I was the pretty fresh meat once,” Juri said. “Though I probably don’t look it now,” he added laughing.

He watched as a smile made its way to the blond’s features. “Did they jump you too?” Taiga probed, a teasing smile lingering on his lips.

Juri did a double take, not expecting such a crude question to come from someone so pretty. “What?”

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of,” Taiga shrugged. “I was jailed for prostitution after all.” Taiga fluttered his eyelashes in mock innocence as Juri coughed, looking away. “I just didn’t like being forced into it, but I was prepared to take it if necessary.”

“Heeeh,” Juri nodded in acceptance, not really knowing what to say. Who was he to judge anyone’s past when he was in here anyway?

With a mischievous look, Taiga strolled up to him, a pale hand going straight for his crotch. He grinned. “I knew it, you’re pretty big for your frame,” he commented, making Juri blush bright red.

“What?” Juri looked at him, eyes wide. This was not what he expected but damn Taiga was pretty up close.

“Hmm, I thought you saved me because you wanted to be rewarded,” Taiga teased, hands running up his body to wrap around his neck.

Leaning in to kiss him softly, Taiga trailed his fingers back down Juri’s torso to land on his belt. Juri was mesmerized, watching those long lashes bat softly at him as they pulled apart. Suddenly a marionette to Taiga’s whims.

Taiga pushed him against the wall, kissing him hungrily, tongue darting against Juri’s. He faintly heard the clink of his belt as Taiga worked them open without sparing a glance downwards, obviously familiar with the routine. Either he was telling the truth about the prostitution or he was just promiscuous by nature.

His thoughts didn’t stray much further than that, his full attention back on Taiga now that his fingers had wrapped around him. There was just something about the way they moved that sent tingles of excitement across his skin. He broke their kiss to gasp sharply when he felt Taiga’s thumb run over his sensitive head.

The lopsided smile Taiga shot him was dangerous, wild, and sweet all at once, his cock mirroring his anticipation for what’s to come. He exhaled, shoulders relaxing against the brick wall as he watched Taiga go down on him.

A pink tongue darted out to lick teasingly at his hardening cock, long fingers spreading his saliva around to glide more smoothly across his skin. He pressed a palm to Taiga’s cheek, thumb caressing his cheekbone. The blond hummed, kissing his palm before kissing his cock instead. Taiga looked up through his lashes, lapping up his length slowly, tongue circling his tip in equal slowness.

Juri groaned. When Taiga opened his mouth wide, his cheeks hollowed out making his cheekbones even more prominent. “Fuck,” Juri hissed when those pink lips finally wrapped around his cock. It was just perfect. Soft lips dragged across his skin, the friction just so perfect, he choked back a moan, hands running through those long blond locks.

Just when he thought it couldn’t get any better, Taiga took him deep, swallowing around him, humming like he loved it just as much as Juri did. He bobbed his head and Juri almost blanked out, but he couldn’t bear to miss a second of the sight before him, so he grounded himself with the soft hair running through his fingers. Tugging at them softly, muttering a stream of curses.

Juri didn’t last very long, come shooting into Taiga’s mouth. And Taiga pulled back, letting Juri catch a glimpse of the milky liquid on his tongue before he swallowed it down. Licking his lips after.

Panting as he recovered from his high, he watched as Taiga stood up, smiling at him like an angel.

“That will be 100,000 yen. I’ll put it on your tab, so thanks for your patronage,” Taiga grinned cheekily, shooting him a wink as he walked off.

It's your turn, kira_shadow! Good luck!
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