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[Team Three] Ride and Splash

“More!” Taiga demanded, annoyed all over again that Jesse’s stupid hair was too short to properly yank. That stupid tease had been fingering him for what felt like hours already, and at this point Taiga was just about ready to push Jesse down and sit on his cock if Jesse didn’t get a move on soon.

Jesse twisted his fingers, drawing a groan from Taiga. “You want my dick that bad?” Jesse teased.

“Just get ON with it already, you fucking tease,” Taiga hissed, glaring at Jesse’s stupid handsome face. He squeezed tight around the fingers stretching his ass, arched his back and moaned showily.

Curling his fingers, Jesse teased at Taiga’s prostate. “Beg for my dick.”

“In your dreams,” Taiga snapped, pushing down to get Jesse’s fingers deeper.

“Oh yeah, I dream about your tight ass allll the time, baby,” Jesse drawled with a fake accent.

Eyes narrowed, Taiga wrapped his fingers around Jesse’s wrist and pulled Jesse’s fingers free, then gave Jesse’s shoulders a shove, pushing him over. Jesse sprawled on his back, his initial look of surprise turning into a grin as Taiga climbed on top and took a hold of Jesse’s dick. Without hesitation, Taiga sank down on Jesse’s thick cock, taking Jesse’s whole impressive length in at one go.

“Fuck, yes,” Taiga groaned, finally feeling full.

Jesse grinned up at him. “You’re so desperate for my dick.”

“Shut up and look pretty,” Taiga snapped, rolling his hips to enjoy Jesse’s large dick to the fullest. Bracing his hands on Jesse’s chest, Taiga rode Jesse’s huge cock with abandon, rising and falling at a fast pace.

Jesse caressed Taiga’s pale thighs, enjoying the play of muscle under smooth skin.

Closing his eyes, Taiga focused on the feeling of having a thick, hard cock filling him, rubbing against his prostate at every move. He barely paid attention when Jesse’s hands moved from his thighs to caress his body, too focused on riding Jesse’s large dick. When Jesse’s fingers pinched both of his nipples at once, Taiga let out an embarrassingly squeaky moan. “Fuck!” he cursed, eyes snapping open to glare down at Jesse.

Looking entirely unrepentant, Jesse pinched Taiga’s nipples again, drawing another high-pitched moan. Despite Taiga’s glare, Jesse continued to play with his nipples, occasionally trailing fingers up or down to caress Taiga’s abs or shoulders.

Taiga’s hips never slowed down, never lost their rhythm. “Stop smirking, you asshole,” Taiga gasped, but that only made Jesse grin harder.

When Jesse finally wrapped his fingers around Taiga’s dick, Taiga practically wailed, and it only took a minute or two longer for Taiga to come. Squeezing tight around Jesse’s dick, Taiga grinded down, moaning loudly the entire time. Totally spent, he finally collapsed on Jesse’s chest, clinging tight.

Jesse grinned and rubbed soothing hands over Taiga’s pale skin. Post-orgasmic cuddly Taiga was one of his favourite Taigas, especially because this version of Taiga was unusually cooperative. “Lemme come on your face,” he urged gently.

“‘Mkay,” Taiga muttered, not exactly paying attention.

Grinning triumphantly, Jesse pushed Taiga up, off of his cock and rolled him onto his back. Then he grabbed his dick tightly and stroked, right above Taiga’s face. Taiga blinked one eye open and glared with as much fierceness as he could muster after a good fuck, but didn’t bother to yell at Jesse.

“Open your mouth, Kyomo-chan,” Jesse coaxed. Chances were about 50/50 on whether Taiga would do it or not, but asking rarely hurt.

Taiga glared for a moment, but then he rolled his eyes before letting them flutter back shut. He opened his mouth and waited, ready to receive Jesse’s come.

Jesse groaned at the sight. Taiga was so pretty, especially when he was blond. He stroked himself faster, anticipating, and then he finally felt his orgasm crash through him. He struggled to keep his eyes open, to not miss a second of it as his come splashed across Taiga’s pretty face and into Taiga’s open mouth. “Fuck, yeah,” Jesse muttered, filing the sight away for later use. There were few things that turned him on more than a nice come-covered face.

Next up is mousapelli!
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