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[team four] turn off the waterworks

everyone likes it when tsukishima is mean, including me. includes buffet tables and weddings and tears and stuff.

"Later," Tsukishima says, yanking Hinata away by the collar. "We have something else to do first."

Hinata whines and makes grabby hands for the tables of food as he's led in the opposite direction, fighting Tsukishima every step. Stupid Tsukishima with his stupid long arms and his stupid being bigger than him. How'd he like it if it were the other way around, huh?

"This will only take a minute. I'm not going to let you starve," Tsukishima says, exasperated.

The reassurance, as not reassuring as it is, plus the body swap episode happening inside Hinata's mind mollify him, and he starts walking on his own two feet again. Tsukishima's shoulders relax once he's not playing buffet table bouncer, and he even allows it when Hinata links their arms together.

"The party's nice, though, isn't it?" Hinata says, looking around the huge hall and the tasteful decorations. "And the ceremony was beautiful! I didn't cry, but Yamaguchi did."

"Yamaguchi cries at everything," Tsukishima says, fond. There was a time when that would have bothered Hinata, back when things were new and unsteady. Now, though, Hinata's filled with fondness for Yamaguchi's waterworks, too. Besides, who gets jealous of their boyfriend's best friend at that same best friend's wedding?

They join the reception line and Hinata feels suddenly thoughtful. They move up silently for a moment until Hinata blurts, "Would you ever want –" just as Tsukishima says, "Have you ever thought about –"

They both close their mouths. Tsukishima's cheeks turn pink and Hinata feels himself beaming without even thinking about it. Everyone likes to talk about how different the two of them are, and that's true, but that just makes things sweeter when they're on the same page.

Yamaguchi throws himself at Tsukishima as soon as they make it to the front of the line, leaving a wet, teary spot on the front of Tsukishima's shirt. Tsukishima, to his credit, doesn't get mad, just gives his congratulations again while awkwardly patting Yamaguchi's head.

"Tsu-u-u-u-ukki," Yamaguchi sobs, and his girlfriend – new wife, Hinata corrects himself, feeling the weight of that change with a single thought – hides a giggle behind her hand. She and Hinata exchange a significant look and Hinata rolls his eyes.

"Tadashi, come on. Pull yourself together," Tsukishima says, prying Yamaguchi away with some effort. "People are going to talk."

Yamaguchi produces a handkerchief and blows his nose. "Sorry, Tsukki," he says. "I hope you're ready to give your speech."

Tsukishima blinks owlishly. "Speech?"

Yamaguchi's face falls. "Did you forget?" He shakes his head hard. "No, it's okay, it's fine. It's enough you're here on our big day, and you were my best man and you brought Shouyou along. I'm so happy for you two, I meant to say! It's not a big –"

Tsukishima reaches into his jacket and pulls out a few index cards. Yamaguchi falls silent, looking suspiciously watery again, while Hinata gets up on his tiptoes and presses a kiss to Tsukishima's cheek. It feels weird to get to be so public with him, after all the time they've spent hiding it, but not weird-bad. It's bubbles in the chest happy, why didn't they do this years ago weird.

"You're so mean," Hinata says, but he's grinning.

"He knew what he was getting into with me," says Tsukishima. He clears his throat as Hinata taps on a champagne glass with a spoon, getting everyone's attention. "So do you," he adds, before starting his speech. Yamaguchi cries again, and this time Hinata does, too, but Tsukishima doesn't mention it afterward.

Then, they hit the buffet table.


You can do it, springmaid!
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