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This ficlet brought to you by: I'm getting an ice cream maker next week and Kirishima is cute. I'm sure Bakugou agrees.

Chocolate ice cream would be the bane of his existence.

After three years of facing down villians as a student at UA followed by another two as a successful up and coming hero, it was a stupid confection that would be his downfall.

A lilting voice in his head that sounded suspiciously like Deku teased, ‘Dramatic much’.

Blissfully ignorant of Bakugou’s irritation Kirishima was sprawled across the couch devouring an ice cream cone. He couldn’t help but track the movement of Kirishima’s tongue as it swept the frozen cream into a smooth dome before plunging down into the center. His hands twitched, clutching the dish towel, his chore quite forgotten, as Kirishima let out another happy little moan of enjoyment.

Bakugou shook himself and turned back to the sink, trying to ignore the way his cock was swelling in his shorts. He lasted another couple of minutes, just long enough to finish the dishes and turn back to his boyfriend who was gleefully finishing his cone with a sharp crunch. He couldn’t help but think of how those teeth felt sinking into his neck, his shoulder… other places.

Kirishima didn’t look up until Bakugou was practically looming over him, engaged in licking the last drops of melted chocolate off his fingers. He pulled a finger out of his mouth with a damp pop and smiled guilelessly up at Bakugou.

“You want some, Katsuki? The place is just down the block and it’s really goo-mmmfph!” Kirishima’s mouth was cool and sweet when Bakugou took it in a deep, messy kiss. He hadn’t noticed what he was doing to Bakugou before but he melted into the kiss with no hesitation.

“Mmmmm,” Kirishima sighed happily as Bakugou pulled back. Bakugou tugged Kirishima up and off the couch by a deceptively gentle grip on his shirt collar, marching him toward their bedroom.

He smirked back at Kirishima, “Later. We have something else to do first.”

It is your turn, marksykins!
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