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[Team One] Alone

as always i am l a t e. i need to set an alarm.

"Perfect, fucking perfect," Yoongi mutters to himself, running a hand through his hair as he stares at the keypad. Installing a keypad on the door to the Genius Lab seemed like nothing but that, genius, at the time. Which was two days ago. During those two days, Yoongi has changed the code numerous times because for some reason, the rest of Bangtan managed to figure out every code Yoongi used and that defeated the purpose of the keypad and the locked door. Access to the Genius Lab was a privilege, granted by Yoongi only. The last time Yoongi changed the code was at approximately 4 am the past night, right before they went to prerecording. Yoongi hadn't slept and had been a little out of it and now he can't remember what he changed the code to.

He really, really doesn't know. Luckily, the keypad doesn't lock itself after three attempts like a phone would, so Yoongi has been trying 15 different four digit codes without any luck. And now he's stuck outside his own studio at 11 pm, so fucking exhausted he could cry. To be honest, the plan was to shut himself inside the Genius Lab to cry; make it inside before he starts crumbling. It's not safe to succumb to the darkness curling inside him before he's alone. It's his burden to carry and he doesn't, won't make the other make the six boys — his family — worry about him when there are more important things going on that they need to be focusing on.

Yoongi is fine. Fine. He just needs to get into his studio and be alone.

HELLO packmate wolfodder, it's your turn! :D
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