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[team two] Poker Face

This was odd for me to write. I so rarely write from Fujigaya's point of view. This takes place at the first show of this year's tour which I was at, but I actually missed this whole thing. If they hadn't talked about it during the MC, I would not have known it happened at all. But yeah, since I didn't actually see it happen, there may be some discrepancies.

There aren’t many things that can make Fujigaya lose his cool on stage. It’s like a game, a challenge to himself. How long he can get without showing anything but that cool, unaffected expression on his face?

He’s gotten really good at it too… In the past years, he’s been able to keep a straight face during MCs when the others are trying to figure out who’s been going around tweaking people’s nipples. He’s shown nonchalance with the camera focused on him while the others talk about how sexy he is. He barely bats an eye when everyone squeals at things he’s not even doing on purpose.

He can handle those types of situations because to a certain extent, he’s used to them and he can anticipate them.

The theme of this year’s album and tour is “Yummy.” The whole stage has a sort of retro-diner feel to it and this song in particular is meant to play in to that. The container of fries, the soft drink, and the burger that get positioned front and center on the main stage are enormous and human sized.

It’s simple really. Fujigaya comes out from the burger that opens like a seashell, Kitayama breezes out from inside the soft drink, and Tamamori pushes the fries aside like tall grass. A bit silly, it’s fun and simple. There’s nothing that could possibly go wrong.

Uh-huh. Right.

As Fujigaya is singing his opening lines to the song, he heads over to the enormous soft drink cup in the middle of the stage to open the door cut into its front. Still singing, he grabs the doorknob and twists.

Nothing happens.


He pulls again, a little harder this time. Still nothing.

A cold sweat pools at the nape of his neck as he realizes that the door is stuck. As soon as he finishes singing his part, he puts his mic down and grabs the doorknob with both hands, trying to pull it open.

It doesn’t budge. Inside the cup, to his credit, Kitayama dutifully sings his lines like nothing’s wrong and he’s not trapped inside a giant cup, but Fujigaya can feel him pushing at the door while Fujigaya frantically pulls.

Thankfully, Nikaido rushes over and together, the three of them manage to jostle the door open.

With a huge sigh of relief, Fujigaya and Kitayama exchange a nod and then go on with the performance. Nikaido, however, is still laughing when their eyes meet and Fujigaya can’t help but laugh too despite the cold panic he’d felt only a few moments ago.

Things happen, he reminds himself. He rests assured that someone will be fixing the door as soon as they’ve moved the fast food set off stage. He can’t linger over it. He has 40,000 people in front of him that require his full attention.

You're up thesecretdoor!
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