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[Team Two] Magic AU

I've been trying to write a long Magic AU on and off for some time, and it just kinda fit with the starting words, so here's a teaser on what will probably end up in a longer fic at some point. It's an AU in which the boys have elemental magic. Disclaimer: I haven't watched Avatar or Legend of Korra btw, but it's probably pretty similar in concept.

Air shot past him in blinding speeds, narrowly missing him as he ducked, slicing the fresh green leaves clean off the branches above him. Fukka sighed in relief, thanking the gods that it wasn’t his neck suffering that fate.

His relief was short lived, panic rising again as the mage before him looked ready to shoot another blast. For a novice mage like himself with water powers, he was at a complete disadvantage in this park that was completely dry.

Fukka bolted for the iron arches marking the exit, running in zig zag pattern just in case the stranger decided to shoot another gust at him. Past the arches, he could make his way towards the river so he could finally make his counterattack.

He doubled his efforts, screaming as he willed himself to run faster when he noticed the other giving chase. The river was so close now, if he could get close enough to see it, he could definitely will it to move to his bidding.

A rough blast of air hit Fukka in the back, hurling him into the air and to his surprise, sent him flying in a parabola that would land right in the river. “Now’s my chance!” he thought, grateful that his attacker had no idea he was a water mage.

He dived cleanly into the water, welcoming it around him. The huge splashes of water keeping him hidden for a moment as he devised an attack plan. His lips pursed into a tight line as he held his breath, he only had a few seconds. Soon, he’d be attacked again.

Counting down, three, two, one. It’s time for a comeback.

Shooting out of water like a geyser, he stood tall on the column of water, glaring down on his opponent. Flinging his wet fringe out of his eyes, he pinpointed the wind magician’s location. His arms spread out, conjuring bubbles of water that circled once around him before they shot towards his opponent in rapid succession.

The wind mage stared at him in shock, barely conjuring a wall of wind to slice away the bullets of water coming for him. Distracted by the spray of water in his face, Fukka took his chance to propel himself into a flying triple kick to the wind mage’s torso.

“Oof!” he exclaimed, landing on the floor roughly. Fukka wasted no time in straddling his opponent and pinning him to the floor. He balled his fist ready to punch him in the face when the other began to speak.

“Wait! I’m sorry! I was looking for the other wind mage and I think I made a mistake,” the black haired male said sheepishly, trying to talk his way out of trouble.

Fukka paused, narrowing his eyes judgmentally. “You still attacked me. Apology not accepted,” he scoffed as he punched him anyway.

A bit of fisticuffs seemed to work well against the pretty boy with floppy hair. With him being disoriented from the blow, Fukka somehow managed to tie his hands together with his belt.


When Hikaru came to collect him and his new hostage, he took one look at the belt around the other’s wrists and pulled a face. “Fukka, you know how wrong that looks, right?”

“W-w-well, what else could I have done? It’s not like I carry handcuffs walking around town!” he protested, crossing his arms defensively with a pout.

Hikaru only nodded, choosing not to answer him as he suppressed a smile.

When they got back to their usual meeting place, which was the office of the gym Hikaru owned, Date was already there and the three of them began to question the rogue wind mage.

“Why did you attack Fukka?” Hikaru asked sternly, standing tall with his arms folded.

The mage clicked his tongue and remained uncooperative. “Where’s my katsudon?” he asked sarcastically. “This interrogation sucks.”

Hikaru lost his temper, slamming his palm on the table. “Answer me seriously!” he bellowed.

Date put a hand on Hikaru’s shoulder comfortingly as he took over the situation. “What’s your name? That’s not too much information to give is it?” Date asked in his quiet but firm voice.

He assessed Date from top to toe for a few seconds before he gave his answer. “Hokuto.” Just one word. Nothing more.

“So Hokuto, why would you be looking for another wind mage when you’re one yourself?” Fukka tried asking, recalling that bit of information from before.

He watched as Date and Hikaru looked at each other in surprise but not in absolute confusion.

“Hmm, so you do know of a wind mage in your group,” Hokuto mused to himself, apparently deducing it from their reactions. Chuckling at all their expressions, he added, “You’re all so easy to read.”

Date sighed playing the same game Hokuto was playing. “Ah, so you operate in a group too. Didn’t think you’d have friends.” He smiled triumphantly as Hokuto flinched from that comment. “What, did they leave you all on your own?” he pressed further.

“There’s been a series of burglaries of jewelry and luxury goods shops in the area, which I’m sure you’ve noticed,” Hokuto began, finally willing to cooperate. “The guards were knocked out by suffocation but there are no traces of tools used.” he added with a sigh. “And so people are thinking that I did it, because who else has wind powers?” He paused, looking up at the three of them. “But I’m obviously not the only one now, hmm.”

As they all took in that information, Date and Hikaru both looked at Fukka with worry. “Fukka… the only other person with wind powers is Abe.”

Fukka bit his lip. He had only just progressed his relationship with Abe to more than friends, so it was obvious he should know him the best. They had all heard about the burglaries themselves but that was no reason to trust Hokuto’s words right off the bat. “I don’t believe you,” he told Hokuto flatly.

“Awww, what, are you dating him?” Hokuto teased.

Fukka’s hands balled into fists and he had to hold back from socking him again, sorely wishing he had punched that lying mouth more than once before this.

Iwamoto placed a warning hand on his chest, holding him back from doing anything brash. “Calm down, Fukka. We can’t have you getting arrested for assault.”

Fukka rolled his eyes. Leaving the room with an exasperated “hmph”.


“Fukka, what’s wrong?” Abe asked when Fukka pulled him into a tight embrace. A weird choice of greeting from the oldest member of the group. He rubbed him on the back comfortingly anyhow, empathetic enough to know something was up.

“I was attacked by a wind mage,” Fukka admitted, pressing his face into Abe’s bony shoulder.

“Ehhh?” Abe exclaimed. Fukka could almost imagine the exact face of surprise he had on.

“I won of course. But then…” Fukka began, pausing as he tried to find the best way to explain the situation. “He was accusing you of some shit, as ‘the other wind mage’.” He clung tighter to the younger one as he fought down his mess of emotions. Uncertainty, fear, anger, and confusion all swirled into a jumble within him.

Abe was annoyingly taller than he was, but that put him in a good height to give head pats and it was somehow just the thing he needed then and just what Abe delivered. Fukka almost purred into his shoulder, melting into his comforting embrace.

“That tickles!” Abe laughed, pulling away.

Fukka pouted at him, clearly not having enough hugs.

“Abe, could I come over tonight?” Fukka asked. “I think it might be best if we stayed together for awhile at any of our places.”

Abe seemed kind of surprised by the sudden development but he didn’t turn down the suggestion. Smiling shyly as he nodded. “Sure.”


The sound of his ringtone woke them both up from their sleep. Despite being the responsible smart university student that he was, Abe only covered his ears with a pillow, whining at Fukka to pick it up as he tried to go back to sleep.

Fukka groaned, reaching groggily for the device left on the bedside table.

“Fukka!” Iwamoto’s voice exclaimed over the other end of the line. “Check the news, quick. A burglary happened again last night!”

Fukka shot up, suddenly wide awake. “Eh?” he exclaimed, looking at Abe sleeping next to him. “But Abe was with me throughout last night,” he admitted even though it pained him to say it.

Iwamoto let out an annoyed groan. “I thought about as much... But see, the thing is Hokuto was with Date and Shota the whole night as well,” he sighed, obviously doubting Fukka’s attacker first and ringing Date before him. “It’s making no sense at all.”

Fukka got out of bed to switch on the TV in the living room, confirming the things Iwamoto had said earlier.

“There’s no sign of tools used here either,” Fukka noted, and Iwamoto hummed in agreement.

“If it’s neither of them, but it’s surely the work of magic… Just how many mages are there?”

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