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[TEAM ONE] Single Dad!Chanyeol outtake

“Here you go, little ladies,” the ice cream van man says, handing over the two large vanilla ice creams to Jinsol and Yewon, who take them with wide grins. A further three ice creams are delivered to Kyungsoo and Chanyeol, who take them with nods of thanks, having already paid. The third ice cream is for Jeongguk, who had stayed back at the beach house to prepare for the day in front of it. Yoongi had refused one.

They begin walking back down the beach towards the beach house and Jeongguk. The sun is out and Kyungsoo has made sure they have copious amounts of sun cream, enough for all of them. The plan is to play outside and go swimming for as long as possible. There’s nothing else they need to do.

Jeongguk has set out a couple of beach recliners once they reach him, and made sure there’s a volleyball net set up, ball set aside. There’s also a football, and Jinsol races the last few metres to reach it first, kicking it to Jeongguk, who kicks back and then takes his ice cream from Kyungsoo’s outstretched hand. Chanyeol joins in, but Yewon doesn’t seem interested. Kyungsoo watches as she settles into one of the recliners to finish her ice cream, trying to stop it from dripping onto her white dress.

Once satisfied she’s safe (he’d promised her parents, after all), Kyungsoo turns back to watch the strangest football game he’s ever seen, one slightly hampered by dairy goodness and far too much laughter. It’s a complete miracle no ice creams are lost during the game.

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