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[team one] love in space

It sure has been a day. Some space au.

“His lips,” Hakyeon groaned. “Oh God, his lips. Have you seen those things? They’re gorgeous. You just want to kiss them forever and ever. Look at him. He’s pouting without even realizing it. Oh my God, he’s coming over here, and he’s beautiful, and I’m talking about his lips. I’m so fucking drunk, buddy.”

“You sure are, sir.” The waiter standing next to him gave a tight smile that was not really a smile, looking as though he wouldn’t mind knocking back a few drinks himself. Hakyeon snickered, picking another glass off the tray in his hand. It was the last glass on the tray, he noted somewhat sadly. He’d have to find a new waiter to hog — though it looked like Jaehwan would come for him first, judging by his determination to cut through the crowd.

“Well, it’s been a good run,” said Hakyeon to the waiter. “Thanks for all the drinks. I’m off to greet my beautiful boyfriend and those beautiful lips.”

When they were finally standing in front of each other, Hakyeon sobered up just a little. Jaehwan often had that effect on him — sobering, softening, soothing. “Hello to the most beautiful man in the galaxy,” he said, weirdly aware of his own dopey grin.

From the moment that he had slammed those doors open, Jaehwan had looked serious and scary. It was sexy, sure, but the soft grin that finally broke through to the exterior, revealing his real feelings, that was stunning. “You’re such an idiot,” Jaehwan laughed, effectively making fireworks go off in Hakyeon’s head. “Most boring party ever? Send help? Seriously?”

“Yes! I’m here drinking by myself and no one cared to join me,” Hakyeon complained. It was the most natural thing to lean closer to his presence. “I needed a knight in shining armor — well, a lover in a decent suit, I guess — to come rescue me from death by boredom. And I missed you terribly.”

The look of amused disbelief on Jaehwan’s face had Hakyeon’s grin growing wider. “I did miss you,” Jaehwan acquiesced, and he slid his arms around Hakyeon’s waist, leaning forward to kiss him. Hakyeon made a noise, happily kissing back, hands cupping Jaehwan’s face.

“Oh yeah, that’s what I missed,” said Hakyeon, nodding to himself after pulling away. “Those amazing lips.” He kissed Jaehwan once more, getting another feel for his plush lips. “God, they’re like pillows for my mouth. I feel so safe.”

Jaehwan burst into laughter, unexpectedly loud. He dropped his forehead down on Hakyeon’s shoulder, shaking with laughter. “You’re so drunk,” he snorted.

“I’m— very drunk.” Hakyeon could barely get the words out through his own giggles, fueled by Jaehwan’s contagious laugh. “You took way too long to come get me.”

“Sorry about that.” Now he lifted his head and looked at Hakyeon with a sweet, mirthful grin, and a gaze so soft that Hakyeon might be melting. “I’m here now?” Jaehwan offered, leaning into his mouth.

They kissed again, slow and languid, exploring as though they hadn’t been together for ages. It had been a long time, and yet Hakyeon was as in love as he had been in the beginning, like a never-ending high.

Jaehwan smiled at him. “Let’s get out of here.”

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