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[Team Three] Trickery

Job or not, Abe didn’t think he could make himself go on stage wearing only that. “Are you sure that’s the whole costume?” he asked Watanabe for the third time. “Really, really sure?”

“Would I lie to you, Abecchi?” Watanabe grinned, holding the feathery not-clothes out towards Abe.

“Don’t fall for it, he just wants to see your butt covered in feathers,” Miyadate said without looking up from his phone.

“Ryota, you meanie!” Watanabe pouted. “Fiiiine, here’s your real costume.”

Abe eyed the thing Watanabe offered him. “That’s a dog costume,” he stated flatly.

“I know! And not even any collars.” Watanabe turned his head to grin at Miyadate, who was still fiddling with his phone. “SOME of us look really sexy with a collar on though.”

Abe’s faint hope that this was another trick evaporated when Iwamoto and Fukazawa walked past, dressed as ridiculously cute dogs. With a sigh, he took the costume from Watanabe. At least this thing covered all the important bits and there were no feathers to tickle any sensitive places.

Next up is mousapelli!
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