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[team two] Perm

Sorry. I’m on my way to the first show of Kisumai’s tour which just made me think of how Mitsu started last year’s tour with a perm.

Set in Tokyo Dollhouse verse.


The corners of Kitayama’s lips turn up, unable to stop himself from feeling the rush of warmth that spread throughout his body. With a quick glance to his surroundings, he types a quick affirmative before turning back to the work in front of him.

Yuta has just finished another engagement, which meant paper work. The fact that it had been a pro bono engagement at the children’s hospital in Shizuoka meant there was more paper work than usual. He sighed. This wasn’t the worst part of the job, no, the sexual engagements probably took the cake on that, but it wasn’t enjoyable either.

He tried to focus on his dinner date instead. The faster he completed his work, the more time he’d have at home to get ready. It’s not that he needs a ton of time to figure out his outfit...it was his hair that was going to be a challenge.

For the first time in his life, Kitayama had a perm and he had no idea how to style one.

Motivated to finish his work, he does so quickly. He goes down to the Dollhouse to check in on Yuta to make sure he’s not acting weird, at least no more than usual. He finds his charge sitting in the programmer’s lab. Kitayama gives Miyata a look, but doesn’t comment on it since he’d known this is where he’d find Yuta. And really, he was in no position to lecture Miyata on not falling in love with an active.

After all, Kitayama was going to be having dinner with his former charge tonight.

He goes to have brief chat with the in house doctor next to make sure Yuta is in the clear there too. Nothing out of the normal there either, so Kitayama clocks out and heads home

As predicted, picking out his clothes isn’t a problem. He prides himself on having built his wardrobe to work in any combination. Freshly showered, he plucks out the shirt on the right end of of his closet and pairs it with the jeans at the top of his drawer. Setting them on the bed, he goes back into the bathroom to stand in front of the mirror.

He sighs, combs his fingers through the damp curls and picks up the blow dryer.

An hour later, Kitayama is pulling into the parking lot outside the coffee shop Totsuka works at.

I’m outside.

Kitayama can feel the smile forming on his face the moment Totsuka comes into view. While it had been easy to say they were getting a fresh slate to get to know each other, it hadn’t been so simple. They were constantly learning new things about each other and Kitayama was loving every minute of it.

Totsuka opens the passenger door and slides in. “Hi.”

“Hi,” Kitayama replies, trying to reign in how hard he’s smiling. He’s all but forgotten about his hair until Totsuka tilts his head and reaches out to touch it.

“You changed your hair,” he murmurs.

Kitayama winces a little. “I don’t know how to style it yet.”

“It looks good.”

Chuckling, Kitayama turns the engine on and pulls out of the parking lot. He can feel Totsuka studying his profile. “But?”

“Maybe less product next time. I want to run my fingers through these curls without all this wax.” To probe his point, he tries to card his fingers through and promptly gets caught in a hardened curl.

Kitayama laughs. “I’ll keep that in mind for next time.”

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