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[team four] total failure

Percentages for last words aren't enough to kill me.

Haikyuu!!, Tsukishima/Yamaguchi, G


Less than 1%. There was a less than 1% chance that this was going to work, Tsukishima was convinced of it. He didn’t usually boil things down to exact figures, but he knew what abject and total failure looked like, and this was it.

Yamaguchi came out of the gym and locked up, smiling fondly after Yachi as she made her way down the path toward her bus stop. Tsukishima nodded to himself, having expected that. And it was okay with him, honestly; Yachi was a nice girl, even Tsukishima had to admit that, and he couldn’t blame Yamaguchi for liking her. It wasn’t like people had a choice over who they liked, after all.

If they did, there was no way Tsukishima would have chosen Yamaguchi.

That wasn’t to say Yamaguchi wasn’t cute or smart or nice: he was, he was, and he was. But he was basically Tsukishima’s only friend, and it was so rotten that his hormones had to make that into something more. Tsukishima didn’t understand why he couldn’t just be satisfied with what they had before. Things were easier when looking at Yamaguchi didn’t make his heart race and his palms sweat.

“Tsukki!” Yamaguchi said, spotting him as he raced down the gym steps, another smile lighting up his face. This one wasn’t just fond, it was spilling over with happiness, and it made Tsukishima’s heart race and palms sweat. “You didn’t have to wait for me.”

“I know,” said Tsukishima. “I wanted to.”

Yamaguchi’s smile, if possible, grew even brighter. “Let’s walk home.”

They were halfway into their walk, their companionable silence stretching into discomfort in Tsukishima’s mind as he couldn’t just say what he wanted to say. “Yachi’s nice,” he blurted eventually, his voice too loud in the quiet of the evening. The way Yamaguchi startled confirmed it. “She’s not stupid, either, and she’s a hard worker. I bet she’d make a good girlfriend.”

Yamaguchi’s face was carefully neutral and he didn’t say anything for a moment. That moment turned into a while, long enough that Tsukishima looked away again, staring straight ahead. This was it, Tsukishima thought, this was when Yamaguchi confessed that he wanted to date her or they already were dating or they secretly eloped in between matches at the prefectural playoffs last summer.

All right, so maybe not that last one.

“Tsukki,” said Yamaguchi slowly, “do you like Yachi?”

Tsukishima skidded to a stop. “What? No!” he said. “You do.”

Yamaguchi stopped, too. “I do?”

“You do,” confirmed Tsukishima.

“I don’t,” Yamaguchi said. “She is cute and smart and a good worker, but I like someone else.”

Tsukishima blinked. “You do?”

“I do.”

“Do I know her?” asked Tsukishima.

Yamaguchi paused, bending over to wipe his hands on his pants. He put his hand to his heart and took a deep breath; Tsukishima noted that he looked really cute like that and cursed his stupid hormones again. “Yes,” Yamaguchi said, “you know him.”

Tsukishima couldn’t see himself, but he probably looked pretty stupid just then, slack-jawed and blinking uncontrollably at Yamaguchi. “Him?” he said, his voice coming out as a choked squeak.

Yamaguchi nodded quickly and ducked his head; even under the streetlights, Tsukishima noticed how red his cheeks had gotten in the seconds before he started walking away again.

“Hey,” Tsukishima called after him, “you know who I like, too. You know him very well.”

Yamaguchi stopped hurrying away, looking over his shoulder, wide-eyed.

Tsukishima took big steps to catch up. “So now we’re even,” he said.

“Yeah,” Yamaguchi said quietly, but he smiled to himself and let their hands brush together as they walked the rest of the way. Tsukishima couldn’t help smiling himself, even though his palms were sweaty and his heart beat fast.

Maybe he didn’t know what abject and total failure looked like, after all.


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