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[Team Three] Once the dust settles

I finished watching Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-blooded Orphans the other day and it destroyed my soul :) So now I'm writing post-canon fic :)

"Everything is as good as it ever was," Kudelia says with a sigh, laying the paperwork down on her desk. The latest accounting figures for the Admoss Company were steady, but they don't give her the sense of reassurance she's seeking.

"Good is a relative term," Eugene mutters, his gaze focused far away through the window overlooking Chryse.

Comments like that don't help either.

Kudelia has felt like she's been cut adrift for the past few weeks, since the loss of Orga and Mikazuki, and so many more of her Tekkaden family. She's trying to go about life as normal, but it's hard. Especially when her thoughts often drift to the memory of a particular pair of blue eyes.

Everyone is scattered now, trying to find some semblance of a calmer life. The kind of life so many of the others sacrificed to create for them. Kudelia has Atra to take care of, but she hasn't seen much of the former Tekkaden boys since things had settled down.

Eugene has been the first to visit. His eyes look hollow, his face thinner. At the end of everything, he had seemed so strong leading the group. Not faltering or wavering over their resolve to survive. He had kept it together for the sake of Orga's memory. But now, Eugene looks tired.

"How are you doing?" Kudelia asks.

He turns to look at her with a piercing gaze, and she suspects she's the first person to ask this question.

"I've been better," he answers. "But I'm still here and kicking so I have no right to complain." A quiet bitter chuckle slips from his lips, and then he resumes his gaze out the window.

"It's okay to complain every now and then, especially after everything that's happened," she replies.

"Wise words," Eugene quips back.

"I got them from Atra," Kudelia says with a genuine little laugh. Atra was probably the wisest of all, if Kudelia had to choose.

For a moment, her thoughts drift back to the younger woman waiting back at the farm. Just yesterday they'd been able to confirm that Atra actually was pregnant. They'd both hugged and cried, unable to even put into words the mix of emotions they had been feeling at the time. The next few months were going to be tough, but at least they had each other.

Who did Eugene have?

"I should probably get going," Eugene says, clearing his throat as if to clear the awkward silence that had settled in the air. "It was good to see you again though."

"Eugene, wait." Kudelia reaches out, a sudden idea springing to life.

He pauses, looking at her with confused, tired eyes.

"Are you interested in a job?"

It's your turn sanadas_sanity!
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