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[Team Five] Authenticity

This happens before "Attainment". Unfinished but posting part of it anyway. (still trans!Yuta)

Like a breath of fresh air, freedom comes to Nakamoto Yuka. She clutches onto the documents that authorize the change from the man known as Nakamoto Yuta to the woman named Nakamoto Yuka. Though it seems a small change to some, it means the whole world to her. Other people have no idea the pains that she had to go through to get to this point, not only socially but legally as well.

It’s no easy feat to obtain legal documents of a change in status of sex. The most damaging to her, and a lot of others, is the necessity of sterilisation according to Law 111. Yuka can still feel the phantom pains of the operation. Despair creeps upon her even through the elation of her new status. There are inevitable regrets in her decisions leading up to where she is now. She let so many precious things and futures go in order to have her present.

Yuka sobs through the phone conversation calling her family over to her apartment and even through them congratulating her. She clings to her mother, trying to ground herself to reality. This is real. Her mother reassures her over and over. Her father and sister urge them to get ready so they can all celebrate outside with a fancy dinner. Yuka laughs a little at that. They are all big on celebrating with food.

When she gets back to her apartment alone, she messages a friend through social media, “Are you free?”

Not long after, a reply comes, “Yeah. I’m done with my work for today.”

“Can I call?” She sends, her hands slightly shaking in nervousness and excitement. When she gets the go signal, she presses the button to video call.

At first, it’s a blurry image of a man which soon clears. She smiles as her friend gives a shy smile and wave. “Hi, Yong.”

“Hey. What’s up?” Her friend, Lee Taeyong, asks as he moves to sit upright. His eyes narrow before he comments, “Did you cry? Sorry. Your eyes look kind of red.”

Yuka snorts at this. “How do you even notice these things? It’s been about 2 hours since I cried. It shouldn’t even be that noticeable anymore.”

Taeyong raises an eyebrow at her. “Do you even know what you look like when you cry? And afterward? Your face gets all red and your eyes get a little swollen. It’s noticeable even after 3 hours.”

“It was one time I cried in front of you! How do you even remember the details?” Yuka outright laughs at the absurdity that is her friend. “You’re so weird, Taeyong.”

To his credit, Taeyong looks abashed. He rubs the back of his ear while looking to the side. “I know. You told me that countless times already.”

Seeing her friend thoroughly embarrassed already, Yuka calms down and settles for a smile thrown his way. “I mean it fondly, you know.”

Taeyong looks back at her, smile appearing slowly. “I know. So, is that why you called? To tell me the cause of your crying?”

“Mm,” Yuka nods before turning her head away to the side. It’s still a struggle to talk about her situation even though he’s been compassionate towards her. She takes a deep breath before looking at Taeyong with a smile and letting the words out of her mouth. “My petition has been approved. I can officially be myself.”

Your turn, fairyminseok! :)
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