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[team one] disarmed

Another lil snippet. I wanted to write more but ran out of time oops.

“That is disgusting!” Face scrunched, Hakyeon spit out the berry, to the entertainment of Hongbin and Sanghyuk who were wheezing with laughter. “You don’t actually eat these. Right?” Hakyeon said in disbelief.

“They aren’t poisonous, don’t worry,” assured Hongbin in amusement. “They only taste like death.”

“I hate you both.” Hakyeon kicked at Sanghyuk, who managed to move out of the danger zone despite being busy giggling at his expense.

The fire lit up all three of their faces, as well as bathing the three others in gentle light as they rested on top of their blankets. Sanghyuk had never been this comfortable around someone who was not Hongbin, and now here he was, unable to contain peals of laughter as even Hakyeon grinned. It was the closest he had to a home for many years.

Suddenly, Hongbin quietened, face serious, and he shushed them, seemingly listening for something. Knowing Hongbin’s impeccable sense for danger, Sanghyuk stopped to listen as well, and so did Hakyeon. He noted even Jaehwan sitting up with wary eyes. “We are not alone here."

Lovely cairistiona it's your turn c:
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