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[Team Two] Why Nabesho would be a lousy kitchen assistant

Totally inspired by the whole "Tonight's Side Dish: Served with Miyadate" segment on YouTube~ :3 Too lazy for smut so this is all you get >_<

“Because you want me to take good care of you, my dear,” Date said, turning to face Nabesho with his usual serious ‘killer look’ making the other burst out in laughter.

The sweeter the words Date used, the funnier it was to him. He could never take Date seriously when he did that. At least it seemed to work on the fangirls so he didn’t try to stop him from using it. “Not that kind of care, Ryota,” he pouted.

Date looked at him with a knowing smile, “Well, at least I stopped you from touching me while I’m cooking.” Eliciting a muffled snrk from Nabesho.

“You’ll need to try harder to stop me,” he retorted, his hands finding their way back around Date’s waist, pressing his chest to Date’s back and his lips to Date’s nape.

The taller one groaned. “Shota…” he reasoned, turning off the fire. There’s no way he’d be cooking when Nabesho was this clingy.

Nabesho hummed in victory, rubbing his cheek against the other’s neck as his hands slid under Date’s apron to grab Date’s naturally big bulge. He’s long stopped being jealous of Date’s size by now, but it still amazes him sometimes.

He heard as Date chuckled softly, knowing exactly where this was going. His hand caressing the side of Nabesho’s hips, squeezing Nabesho’s butt teasingly. As Date turned his head to look behind, Nabesho caught his lips in a kiss. Tiptoeing slightly to make up for his lack of height.

Plump kisses trailed down his neck as Nabesho traced the outline of Date’s dick, feeling him grow hard with a groan. His own hips rolling against the other’s as his hands pulled him close.

Date’s breath hitched when Nabesho blew on his neck. “Shota, this isn’t the best place for this,” he tried reasoning with him again. But Nabesho wouldn’t be deterred by anything.

He moved to an empty part of the island counter, pulling Date over. “Better?” he asked.

Date shook his head at Nabesho’s adorable stubbornness, but gave in anyway. “Sure.”

Date half sat on the counter, spreading his legs to make space for the other before pulling him in for another heated kiss. He saw a glimpse of Nabesho’s adorable smile before their lips met, tongues brushing instantly. Side stepping the slow sweet build up to go straight for the gold.

Fingers ran across fabric and through hair, both of them letting their hands roam freely. Date’s arm wrapped around Nabesho’s slender waist, dipping him slightly to deepen his kiss further. He felt Nabesho throw his arm around his shoulder, trusting him to hold his weight.

Nabesho pulled away for breath, blinking up at Date cheekily. “Gonna serve me your ass for dinner?”

kira_shadow You're up! ^_^ I hope those ending words work for you. >__
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