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[Team One] Tenderness

I am late!!! D: Originally I was going to write something else but I worked from 09 - 21 yesterday and that pretty much deflated me.

Jungkook pouts, which doesn’t help, at all. Namjoon is weak.

“What about Hoseok and Jimin’s room?” Namjoon tries feebly, feels his resolution to turn Jungkook away crumbles in front of his very eyes. Well, it would if it had been a concrete, visible, wall, and not just a metaphorical wall in his mind.

Despite the barely lit room, Namjoon is still able to see Jungkook wrinkle his nose, a grimace settling briefly in his handsome features. Jungkook shakes his head.

“I walked in without knocking and, well,” Jungkook shudders bodily in disgust.

“Oh,” Namjoon murmurs. He opens his mouth.

“Before you suggest any of the other hyungs; I don’t want to sleep there. I don’t want to sleep anywhere else, hyung,” Jungkook says, frowning. “I want to sleep here with you.”

Namjoon knows this, it’s not the first time Jungkook has come to him like this, asking if he could sleep in Namjoon’s bed. And it’s not like Namjoon minds, at all, it’s just that it’s Jungkook who Namjoon has known since he was an awkward teen, and a part of him protests wildly whenever Namjoon finds himself thinking about kissing Jungkook, or hugging him, or sleeping with him.

Platonic sleeping, that is.

Dear wolfodder, you're up! :D
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