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[Team Three] The things we can not change

Title: The things we can not change
Fandom: SixTONES
Pairing: Jesse/Kouchi
Rating: PG-13 I guess?
Summary: Jesse doesn't like his height very much, Kouchi reassures him that he's fine the way he is, and can be what he wants.
A/N: This is late xD Work is trying to kill me, but I tried! I actually have the same feelings as Jesse in this, I'm 5'7" which really isn't THAT tall, but I still feel too tall and wish I was shorter T_T. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of writing soon xD

Bigger, isn’t always better. Jesse sighed, feeling slightly depressed. It wasn’t like he disliked his height, most of the time, but there were times where Jesse wanted to be treated like he was small. He’d watch Kishi or Genki and feel slightly envious at how small they were. How they could get away with things that, typically, Jesse could not.

His silent brooding must have alerted someone, since Kouchi came over and placed a hand on his shoulder. Jesse looked down at Kouchi, and felt even more frustrated. He liked to be taken care of, he liked to be pampered, and his giant form made his already ridiculous life even more ridiculous. He let out a frustrated noise and pouted. Kouchi’s eyebrows rose slightly, Jesse liked to pout, but he usually was at least obvious about the reason.

“what's wrong?” Kouchi tried to catch Jesse's gaze, hoping a smile might help. He had to lean up slightly but he managed to peck Jesse on the lips. “Come on, it's not like you to hold back, at least to me,” Kouchi’s face began to grow panicked, wondering what he could have done.

They got into fights often, but normally Kouchi at least knew the reason. Whether that reason was worth the fight was always debatable. Jesse leaned down, kissing Kouchi and hoping the action quieted the fears racing through the older males mind. “It's nothing, it's stupid,” Jesse mumbled, his words soft and slightly self depreciating.

“Clearly it's not nothing. Stupid, I'll judge once you've told me.” Kouchi let a small grin escape, Jesse glared a bit. The glare lost its heat, a small smile forming.

“Ugh, why do you always take me out of my moods, I can be grumpy sometimes you know!” Jesse stuck his tongue out and pulled Kouchi’s smaller body against himself. He could smell the scent of the bath salts Kouchi was most fond of, and it made Jesse feel slightly better. “It's just...It's...I’m giant, and I hate it. I can't change it, but I also feel like I can't be how I want to be. I want to be pampered and treated as adorable, and I'm so tall and lanky.”

Kouchi tried valiently not to laugh, he knew that Jesse didn’t like being so tall, but he failed. His body shook as he laughed and pulled Jesse’s body closer to him. “Seriously? You are plenty pampered and adorable, how big you are doesn’t affect that,” He pulled away slightly and leaned up for more kisses.

Jesse knew Kouchi was right, it didn’t make him feel completely better. He felt that as long as Kouchi found him adorable and worth pampering, that maybe it was ok. He forced his mood to shift as he kissed Kouchi back, letting his worries fade away. “Ne, take me home?” Jesse asked between kisses.

Kouchi laughed, breaking the kiss. “Yeah, ok. I guess I need to spoil you some more.”

Next up! bluedreaming

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