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[Team Sonic] Pie in the sky

In anticipation of Elementary's new season starting soon, I've been working on writing some random snippets of stuff. Thought I'd use the one I wrote today to restart sonic. If anyone has forgotten how to play sonic (because it's been a while), the ending words are open for anyone to use for the next three days (the standard shiritori turn). Doesn't matter what team you're on! So if you like the words, go have fun with them~

When Marcus returns from the restroom, he’s surprised to find three pies sitting on his desk.

Well no, surprised perhaps isn’t the best word because working with Sherlock and Joan for this long has taught him that anything and everything can happen during the course of an investigation.

He guessed he just wasn’t expecting to return back to his desk and find a mini-bakery waiting for him there.

“Ah, you’re returned!” Sherlock says, noticing his presence and handing him a fork. “Dig in.”

“These aren’t poisoned, are they?” Marcus replies in a deadpan voice. He’s only half-joking with the question.

Sherlock shakes his head and takes a bite of what looks to be an apple pie. Behind him, there are about six more pies on the desk Joan usually uses when she’s in the office.

“I’ve identified the mysterious substance found at the crime scene as pie filling, so the next step was figuring out which kind of pie it was specifically,” Sherlock explained in between bites. “So I ordered a sampling of everything the nearest bakery had to offer.”

“Luckily for us,” he continued, “I happened to find the correct pie on the first try. Joan and Captain Gregson have just left to go ask the owner a few questions.”

“…I was in the restroom for like two minutes tops,” Marcus mutters in disbelief before addressing Sherlock with the obvious question. “So what are we doing with the rest of the pies?”

Sherlock dangles the fork in front of him again. “Bon appétit!”
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