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[team two] because you want it

What were those ending words >_< This may be the hardest I've struggled in a long time! This was meant to be way longer...and include smut...yada...yada...yada...

"A gamble..." Fujigaya starts, one palm pressing firmly again Taiga's chest to urge the young blonde back. "That I am sadly not willing to take."

"Nobody here is going to go running to the paparazzi" Taiga says with a slight quirk to his eyebrow and he glances around at Totsuka'a carefully selected party guests.

"I'm not worried about the paparazzi." Fujigaya answers, his eyes landing once again on the congregation of Snow men over by the breakfast bar. "If your dad finds out I fucked you he'll rip out my rib cage and wear it as a hat."

Taiga's eyes light up at the statement and he leans in close again, his lips almost brushing against Fujigaya's ear. "Oh but you aren't going to fuck me." He purrs. "I'm going to fuck you."

Fujigaya snorts to hide his sharp intake of breath - breath that is knocked out of him in the next instant by Taiga's hand slipping boldly down the back of his jeans, pressing them closer together.

"You're my junior. Why would I let you fuck me?" Fujigaya retorts, tries to at least, only Taiga's hand is squeezing just right, his fingers curling into the cleft of his ass and his knees feel weak.

Taiga's smile looks fiendish as his hips rock forward and Fujigaya knows he feels it, his cock hardening down the leg of his jeans. "Because you want me to."

It's your turn faded_lace
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