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[Team Two] Life is a gamble

More from my random HIGH&LOW AU.

“Poor visibility and terrible odds. What more do you want,” Shimekake looked down from his vantage point but the smoke made it almost impossible to see anything that was going on below them. It also didn’t help that the Kuryuu goons wore mostly black.

Sakuma chuckled softly, “Optimistic as always, aren’t we?”

“I call it healthy pessimism,” Shimekake retorted. “I blame, well, you know.” He let that trail off.

“You can say his name now, you know? We’re united now. Against a common enemy,” Sakuma pointed out. “Just say his name. He is no stranger to me after all.”

“Habit,” Shimekake apologized and then tensed when something moved under them.

A moment later, the signal came, along with the command, “FLY!”

There wasn’t much left of the Nameless Road thanks to the events of the past few weeks. They had also evacuated all the people who they had still managed to save. Since the SWORD area was now a battlefield, they had brought them outside, to different places, any places that would take them in or any places where they would be able to stay.

Of course that had meant many places and it had meant separation. None of the Rude Boys had liked it but they knew that it was a necessity and that it was for everyone’s safety.

This was between Kuryuu and SWORD. They wouldn’t let innocent bystanders get involved.

So with nobody else around, they could go all out, without having to care about anything but the fight and their comrades. It made things easier.

Being in their territory also gave them a bit of an advantage. It evened out the numbers.

Sakuma made short work of the goons in his area. He didn’t feel happy about it, though because those had merely been the cannon fodder type. These weren’t the ones they had to beat. These were more like the Doubt leftovers. Not the trained Kuryuu fighters.

A gunshot made Sakuma freeze. There they were.

He quickly hid behind a few fallen goons he had knocked out, making them shift a bit. The next moment they were sporting a few holes.

“Kuh, just some of the worthless trash. Where’s the real trash here, huh?” A sleazy looking Kuryuu member made his way past Sakuma, overlooking him. “Come out and play, little boys. I will blow you full of holes and then hang you from these pipes to rot!”

They didn’t care about their own. Those ‘dragons’ would get rid of whoever they pleased without a care in the world. Everyone was replaceable after all. To them that is.

It made Sakuma angry. But he calmed his anger. He couldn’t move now. It was too dangerous. He wouldn’t be able to fight the guy off in this area. Not of the other had a gun. Sakuma had to lure the guy to a different part of the Nameless Road. Then he might stand a chance.


He wondered whether it was worth it. Shimekake’s earlier pessimism came back to him. The other wasn’t the only one who was thinking twice about what to do right now after all. Sakuma, too, had someone to return to. Someone he wanted to return to. And someone who he hoped would return to him. Iwamoto had his own battles to fight, too.

Sakuma decided not to be a coward. Everyone here was putting their life on the line. He couldn’t be selfish. And really, life was always a gamble.

Next up, talisa_ahn
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