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[Team Five] Peaceful Sleep

The beginning of a vague Loona NieR:Automata AU? Olivia Hye just made me want Loona androids

Life consists of three major stages; the beginning where one opens their eyes in a new body, the middle in which one must survive with no knowledge but that left behind, and the third, in which the cycle comes to a close and one must decide if their eyes are ever to open again.

Jungeun stumbles on her weak leg, fingertips trailing across the broken skin and exposed circuits, a curse tumbling from her lips that disappears with the harsh desert wind. A routine mission, scan and retrieve, but something - Jungeun doesn't know what that something is, refuses to think about it. Not when her steps are faltering and her pod is hanging limply in the air, muttering words lost in the static.

There shouldn't be anything left in this world to fight besides themselves, yet the creature that had risen from the depths of the sand to face her had clearly been a machine, dirty brown and glowing red. Jungeun squints through the dust and sand, ignoring the sharp pain as her sight malfunctions briefly, a flash of blue and white, numbers going backwards.

She can make out buildings in the distance, sleek and bright against the rest of the crumbling ruins, but they seem too far to reach, beacons of hope that tease her. Jungeun stumbles again, gloved hands breaking her fall, the taste of sand and dirt on her tongue.

She sits for a moment, eyes closed to block out the harsh sunlight that heats her core through the armour her skin provides. Her black box seems to rumble with anticipation.

Only a bit further, and her pod could pick up a signal and alert Y4 and OH12 of her whereabouts. Only a bit further and she can decide to be uploaded to the new bunker, the one that gifts androids with second, third, hundredth chances.

Jungeun coughs up blood, standing to her feet shakily. Her fingers twitch, and her mouth flattens to a grim line of determination.

"You're not gonna make it back like that."

Jungeun straightens, whipping her head around to find the voice.

Long white hair and black cloth to hide her eyes. Buttons that gleam with purpose despite the filth of the human world.

"YorHa," Jungeun mutters in disbelief, focusing her efforts on making her weapons materialize. They spark, but nothing comes. "I thought your kind had all died a long time ago."

"We live a quiet life," The android says in a feathery voice, lips curling up into a smirk. "There's no reason to be of the resistance when there's nothing left to resist."

"Something attacked me," Jungeun points with force back towards the howling winds of the desert. "It was a machine."

"Remnants of the past," The YorHa android shrugs, and Jungeun notices the tears in her clothing, skirt long ago destroyed. "Cut off from the network and left behind."

Jungeun collapses to the ground, her legs unable to keep her afloat any longer. "It doesn't matter now does it," She says grimly, tugging the gloves from her hands with shaking fingers. There's a calmness to her now, and she feels no fear to the dangerous weapon that kneels beside her. "I'll die out here and my cycle will end."

"I can take you back to the village," The YorHa android shrugs again, and Jungeun feels if her eyes were visible she'd be rolling them. "Repair you."

"How do I know I can trust you?" Jungeun mutters suspiciously, but she reaches out to take the androids hand, exposed fingers touching satin gloves.

"You can't," The android laughs, a bright twinkling bell that sounds like despair. "But you don't have a choice."

Jungeun is heaved to her feet with a force a resistance android could never muster, and a glance over her shoulder tells her she's lost her pod. Fallen somewhere into the sand to be gone forever during their conversation.

"What's your name YorHa?" She asks bitterly, letting herself be dragged at high speed through the desert foothills. She recognizes the area vaguely, a part of the desert she's often been told to avoid.

Have her superiors known of the YorHa's continued existence this entire time?

"Jinsoul," The android says as they pull to a stop at the gates of ruins that feel empty of more than life. "Designation unknown."

"I'm Jungeun," She says slowly, limping through piles of rocks, struggling to follow Jinsoul as her systems slowly shut down. "Designation KL6."

"You're more YorHa than we." Jinsoul mutters, shaking her head slightly.

Before Jungeun can answer, that overwhelming feeling of calm falls over her again. Her mind settles as the dust settles around them, the sun disappearing, covered up by a concrete roof that blocks out her thoughts. Her black box rumbles, and Jungeun reaches inside to pull it forth, holding it like an offering to Jinsoul.

The last thing Jungeun sees before the world goes dark is Jinsoul's wry smile and a new pair of eyes that glow red like the machine's she'd always read about.

Life consists of three major parts for an android, and Jungeun's final stage comes in a rush as her eyes flutter closed and the blue that lights up her body turns to black. The cycle has come to an end.

You're turn listea

my first actual entry in a long time without skipping .. whew
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