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[TEAM FOUR] Nomura's Jellyfish

This is very loosely based on an article I read today about Nomura's Jellyfish. They're a totally real thing!! So Cool and Terrifying! Just some cute college BoKuroo for BoKuroo week. :D

Bokuto might have read the same article as him but it was clear right away that they had very different takeaways from it.

“Four hundred pound jellyfish, dude!! How freaking majestic is that?!”

Kuroo couldn’t stop the fond smile tugging his lips up if he’d wanted to, which he didn’t. Bokuto was one of the few people he never felt the need to filter himself for. He wanted all of Kuroo’s thoughts and emotions just the way they were from the sublime to the ridiculous. Heavily weighted towards ridiculous most days.

“Pretty majestic, it’s true,” he agreed. “Also fairly dangerous. Especially in regards to the clogged intake valves. Nuclear cooling processes are not really the thing you want to have problems with.”

“Of course it’s bad for the ships! Obviously I don’t want anyone getting hurt or anything. Nuclear ships definitely need to stay cool and unexploded,” Boktuo responded earnestly. “I just think the idea of a gigantic fuckoff jellyfish is so cool.”

Kuroo flashed him a grin, earning him one of Bokuto’s amazing smiles in return. “It does sound amazing. Something I would happily experience from the other side of some nice, thick, scientifically treated aquarium glass.”

They headed out of the science building and into the still chilly Spring evening, heading towards their shared apartment. Bokuto casually sliding an arm around Kuroo’s waist as Kuroo draped an arm over his shoulders.

Bokuto’s belly laugh vibrated happily against Kuroo’s ribs. “Bro, remember when we saw that giant spider crab at the aquarium and we were like: whoa, that looks delicious!! And we started talking about how many kilos of crab meat you would get out of that thing. And those foreign tourists were so weirded out!”

“No idea why, it was a perfectly valid and appropriate aquarium date discussion topic,” Kuroo said with a chuckle.


They walked in companionable silence for a few moments before Bokuto tilted his head just enough to rest on Kuroo’s shoulder. “We should go back to the aquarium sometimes. I have so many new questions about jellyfish.”

Kuroo found himself suddenly swamped by a wave of emotions - affection, gratitude, warmth. Sometimes he still found it hard to believe that he had fallen for his best friend and been lucky enough to have his feelings reciprocated. It seemed more unlikely than even a four hundred pound jellyfish.

“Sure,” he agreed easily. “Anything for you, Kou.”

Over to you, marksykins!
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