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[team one] wine

Yep I'm late. Didn't know what to write so I started this.

“This is enough now, I think, hyung,” Namjoon says, yawning before taking the last swig of his cup of wine. They had no wine glasses in the company building - Namjoon and Yoongi looked everywhere - so they had made due with two mugs; one from someone’s high school track event in 1985, and a H.O.T. mug Yoongi had found in Namjoon’s studio that Namjoon swore belonged to Hoseok.

Namjoon and Yoongi had been working on some tracks - unspecified ones - together and had gotten bored after a couple of hours, as the track had gone absolutely nowhere. If it had been a song that needed to be finished within a set time frame, they’d both suck it up and work until it was finished, but seeing as they’re in-between albums, with no official schedules, it’s for fun, for now, so they’re a little bit more lenient with each other and themselves because of it. So their boredom had sent them rummaging through storages in the company building where they had discovered several wine bottles left from their Christmas party, and, without a second thought, Namjoon had grabbed two.

So here they are, hours later, finishing up the second bottle, Yoongi emptying his cup as Namjoon’s gaze flickers to the watch on his wrist. Yoongi doesn’t manage to see what the time is, his gaze is blurry despite the lenses he’s wearing, his head pleasantly fuzzy. His mug has been drained more times than Namjoon’s has, so when Namjoon now makes sure his is completely empty, Yoongi’s has been empty for some time.

However, one can never be sure, so Yoongi squints down into the H.O.T. mug once more. He does not pout when he sees that yes, his mug is indeed empty.

“Is there more wine?” Yoongi asks Namjoon, who’s in the process of shutting down his laptop. As the screen goes black, Namjoon looks at him over the rim of his glasses, chuckling.

“I think you’ve had enough wine, Yoongi-hyung,” he says, turning around to face Yoongi, resting his back against his desk, stumbling as his balance is slightly off. “Also it’s late, we should head back.”

You're up, junxouji ^^
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