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[Team Five] Attainment

A new ship for me means I need to write a transgender au. So here is word vomit of yutae with trans!yuta. (Since the warning isn't getting added, know that Yuta is a woman in this fic.)

It was worth it. After all the hardships, it is worth it.

Nakamoto Yuka breathes the words in, lips smiling, and exhales the negative thoughts out. There are things she has let go in the past and things she will let go in the future. This is one of the things she will never let go. This little baby in her arms will never part with her. She kisses the top of his head with a gentleness and eagerness built up for years.

“I hope you’re dreaming of good things, Jaemin.” She whispers like a prayer. When she sits upright, there’s a body that sidles up next to her. She rests her body against the other. “Is dinner ready?”

Lee Taeyong hums in response, pressing his lips against the side of her head. He reaches an arm out to let his fingers caress Jaemin’s cheek. “I can hold onto him while you eat. Or do you want to eat together while Jaemin is in his crib?”

“You sound like you want to spend some more time with me.” Yuka moves an arm from underneath the baby to pinch Taeyong’s cheek. “My husband is so cute.”

Taeyong laughs softly, cheeks a little red. “I want to spend time with both of you. Let’s put Jaemin in his crib and sit him beside us.”

They both make their way out of the bedroom and into the dining area. Yuka places Jaemin in his crib, admiring the rainbow of colors surrounding the baby. She had been very adamant to all their friends and family that they are not going to limit their presents to so-called boy colors and toys. Her baby will not experience that. She hadn’t when she was still younger, still a different person than who she is today, so it will go with her son as well.

Dinner is eaten in hushed conversations and sprinkled generously with Yuka’s flirting. Years of being together and going through many ups and downs, Yuka is never going to stop flirting with her husband and Taeyong is never going to stop getting flustered over his wife. Taeyong whines, “Our baby is going to grow up as a flirt. Jaemin is going to be a heartbreaker just like his mother.”

“You mean just like his mothers. Chungha and I are both heartbreakers.” Yuka grins before looking fondly at Jaemin. “Your father is being generous. He’s a heartbreaker as well. All your parents are heartbreakers, Jaemin. You’re going to have a very fun and lovely life ahead of you.”

Taeyong smiles as he watches Yuka clear up the table before moving next to Jaemin’s crib again and humming softly. He can understand how she keeps getting drawn to their baby. He understands it so perfectly that he moves towards them. Jaemin is the missing piece to both of their dreams, their hearts. Jaemin is the embodiment of their triumph over life’s difficulties.

Yuka smiles brightly at him and he can’t help but kiss her and whisper, “You and Jaemin...you are my life.”

Your turn, fairyminseok! :)
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