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[team two] untitled

*shoots self in the eyeballs* This is incredibly late again, I'm sorry. It's the middle of my work week, and as much as there is a lot of fic fodder, my brain is just. Mush. >_<

"Either way, you'll still be the star of the show," Hokuto's voice whispers, the sound of it low and unintrusive. The awe in Hokuto's voice is laced with some trepidation, like it was meant to be kept secret from the subject who's fast asleep on the bed.

Taiga keeps his eyes closed, feigning sleep. He was roused from his nap at the sound of Hokuto's voice, and the other man's words made him curious because they were said in such a uniquely confusing mix of emotions. He stays still, waiting for Hokuto to continue, but then Hokuto is flicking his forehead.

"I know you're awake," Hokuto chuckles.

I'm sorry again. It's your turn now, su_jin.
Tags: *team two, fandom: sixtones, love ranger: dusk037
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