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[Team Four] Suspension

Christophe knows how powerful a motivator fear can be. He read an article once on how humans can easily mistake mild anxiety for arousal. So sometimes, when he feels like he could use a bit of an edge, he uses that.

He's leading the way across the suspension bridge. It doesn't bother him, he's been over it lots of times. And he steps a little harder than he needs to, rocks his weight a little to the side. The bridge shakes, not a lot, he's not mean, but enough. Almost too much.

When he reaches the other side, he looks back at Yuuri, still ten metres or so to go. Yuuri's holding the railing, shifting his backpack. Staring out at the mountains and not looking particularly concerned.

Well, Christophe is just going to have to rely on his not inconsiderable charm instead. "Yuuri!" he calls. "Hurry up."

"What's the rush?" Yuuri calls back. He does pick up the pace and the bridge swings beneath him. He's nearly at the edge when he slips.

Christophe rushes forward, scrambling, but before he gets there, Yuuri is on one knee, hands still firmly on the cables.

Christophe reaches out a hand and Yuuri lets Christophe pull him the last few steps. Christophe wraps Yuuri in his arms, cheek against Yuuri's temple, he's not letting go. "You scared me," he says, his heart still pounding.

And as he turns his mouth against Yuuri's mouth and pulls him tighter, it occurs to him that Yuuri might have read the same article.


beltenebra, it's all you!
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