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[team two] take me home tonight

I wanted to write some decent smut for a change but I'm afraid I ran out of time!! This is really a sequel to Good Senpai but it could totally be read as a stand alone thing...

He doesn’t intend on letting this opportunity slip through his fingertips - it’s not every day his fantasies come to life after all. And it’s one of his greatest fantasies, one he’s had for a long time and that’s all it was ever supposed to be too, because Shirota always thought Taiga so naive, his nature far too sweet for those seductive glances to be intentional.

Taiga is glancing at him that way again, as they sit too far apart in the back-seat of the taxi, the look both shy and yearning and it has something squirming in Shirota’s abdomen. He’s not sure what his responding look is, but Taiga likes it – he realises now as Taiga sucks his bottom lip between his teeth again that maybe that’s what the gesture had meant all along. Shirota looks away and closes his eyes, he can’t stand the way it draws his attention to Taiga’s mouth, to his thin yet supple lips, the way the skin beneath them reddens ever so slightly as his teeth worry the flesh.

There’s a groan caught in his throat, one he has to swallow down because the taxi driver clearly recognised him when they got in and the last thing he needs is a convoluted rumour gracing the cover of some gossip rag. And then he jumps out of his skin, the groan almost finding it’s way back out again as a hand lands softly of his leg. He hadn’t realised how much he was shaking it until it stops under the gentle touch. He peels his eyes open and looks to the side, Taiga’s doe-eyes are wide and concerned so Shirota offers the most reassuring smile he can muster as he takes Taiga’s hand in his own and moves it from where it’s burning his lower thigh.

Taiga smiles back just a little, unconvinced, and he turns his hand in Shirota’s, links their fingers ever so slightly as he lowers their hands to the seat between them. He should pull his hand away, he knows how incriminating it will look if the driver spots it in his rear-view mirror, but he’s too busy trying to cope with the way that the innocence of the touch has both his heart hammering and his cock hardening down the leg of this jeans.

He does pull his hand away eventually, when Taiga’s thumb starts brushing along his palm and he feels it the full length of his cock.

The drive seems to take hours, and when they arrive Shirota hands over the first bill he comes to in his wallet and gets out quickly. He doesn’t know how much it is, he doesn’t care, his only concern is getting Taiga behind the safety of his closed door before he cracks under the pressure of his desire.

You're next faded_lace! I really hope I haven't screwed you over with the ending words >_< I wanted to end on something a little...vaguer?
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