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[team four] all inside my head


twice, nayeon/sana, 572 w, g, college au

this isn't the first time she's told herself it's going to be this time. this isn't the first time she's dreamt this dream.

nayeon turns to her, smiling. her shirt has someone's face on it, some famous celebrity or something.

there wouldn't be anything out of place about it, except nayeon doesn't know her in real life and they're in separate departments - they've never crossed paths even once. sana only knows about her because they'd been to the same party once, and shared a class sana had once accidentally attended and never realized it wasn't calculus iii. that, and sana goes open mic night every tuesday because nayeon never fails to show up with a slam piece to perform, or a song and a guitar.

there wouldn't be anything out of place about it, except the face's eyes on her shirt are bleeding, spurting something black and oily, and the sky is raining little paperclips.

"hey," nayeon says, and her voice is shining as ever, eyes creasing in that smile sana can never get enough of, the smile that comes with hey, everyone, me again, and thanks guys, and yes - im nayeon - i'd disagree with that point because -- and never oh, hey, sana, like sana wants so bad, but will make do without as long as it's just there, as long as nayeon can find it in herself to make it and mean it.

except, now, nayeon's doing just that - walking over, saying, "oh, hey, sana," and smiling like she means it. sana tries to ignore the paperclips, tries to ignore the clawing feeling in her stomach. she's been trying every night to make this happen, to come to a better ending than the ones before.

the ground splits beneath their feet, just as nayeon's about to stand right up to her. it's windy, clips getting in their hair, one catching onto the buttons of sana's flannel.

not again, sana thinks, desperately. it happens every time - the ground splitting, before either of them can say another word. but this time, nayeon opens her mouth and sana catches something before she wakes.

hand outstretched, bracelets dangling over her pretty wrist, nayeon says, voice urgent, "find --"

sana wakes up.

it's tuesday morning. tuesday means her busiest day of the week, tuesday means she's going to lug her bag all day until 8pm, then weigh the pros and cons of buying hot chocolate before she decides (with regret) on getting a bottle of water instead because it's practical and healthier and cheaper. it happens every time, but she's stuck in the routine, with a not-so-secret part of her wanting that hot chocolate, every tuesday.


this tuesday, 8pm, sana trudges from her ethics of engineering class and makes it across campus to the performance shack. it's become a shoddy excuse for a space, so shack is pretty apt, sana thinks. the vending machines on the way gleam in the night, water and juice and chips in one and hot chocolate and coffee in the other. this tuesday, 8.17pm, sana buys two hot chocolates, almost absent-mindedly, and arrives at the shack. her feet are dragging part from exhaustion and part from not wanting to spill.

im nayeon's pink-streaked hair shine under the light, in the front row of seats. the seat next to her is empty. sana sucks in a breath and sits in it. "hey," sana says, first. "i accidentally got an extra hot chocolate."

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