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[team five] want it all (J-Hope/Jimin)

"Bedtime!" Hoseok calls from the living room, as he bends over with a grunt and picks up all of the crap on the floor. Okay, maybe they're not necessarily crap. The blue stuffed panda, which is a present from Namjoon, is actually cute and something that they go to sleep with every night. Still, every end of the day that he cleans up, he finds more and more things littered all over the living room and kitchen floors that he's considering, maybe, hiring a helper every now and then. Not that he's complaining. It's always the tiredness talking when he whines about these things.
Things at the school have majorly picked up over the past year. That one choreography video that they did (that his friends linked to all of their social medias and made everyone watch) blew up so much that Hoseok has had to turn down some people who enrolled in their classes. Because of that, he's had to expand, putting up more studios, hiring more teachers, and opening up more classes. He's even started personally teaching. It's not that he's taking advantage of the promotion. He's just really in awe of the interest and wants to encourage more people to love dance as much as he does. Even Jimin has been helping out, teaching a class and working with Moonbyul in handling the administrative work.
The amount of work leaves him exhausted at the end of each day, but the fulfillment that he's been getting outweighs the sweat and tears. And coming home always makes the exhaustion disappear, anyway, so it doesn't really matter in the end.
Hoseok frowns and straightens up, blue stuffed panda and white stuffed alpaca in hand, when Jimin doesn't respond. He shakes his head and makes his way to the bedroom, switching off the house lights on the way. When he walks in, he repeats, "Hey, bedtime--"
"Shhh," Jimin hushes him from the bed, putting a finger to his lips. He looks down at the little boy fast asleep beside him before meeting Hoseok's eyes with expressive fondness. "He's been sleeping for a while now."
"Oh," Hoseok says, making his way to the bed. He sits on the edge, beside Jimin's legs. He leans over and gives him a soft kiss on the lips. "How was Dongwoo today?" he asks, gently brushing his son's bangs away from his brows. "Feeling better?"
Jimin sighs, pressing a kiss to Dongwoo's forehead. "Yeah," he confirms, smiling a little at Hoseok. "Still a bit snotty, but definitely much better." He reaches for Hoseok's hand and squeezes it. "How was work? Busy today?"
Hoseok grins, albeit a bit tiredly, when he remembers what work was like that day. He turns his hand so that their fingers are interlaced and tells Jimin all about how classes went that day; about how Jongin's students were so on point with the choreography that they're learning, about how Mina's kids were so excited to show him what they've learned so far, how many of the teens Sehun's been teaching can already do freestyle so good.
"A lot of the kids and instructors missed you. They all kept on asking about you today," Hoseok then tells him, lifting Jimin's hand and pressing a kiss to his knuckles.
"Of course they would," Jimin says, wiggling his eyebrows. "I'm their favorite."
Hoseok rolls his eyes. Jimin's just so nice, friendly, lively, and cute that it's really no wonder why everyone in the school loves him. He's made everyone feel even more at ease and made the work so much more fun, which Hoseok is so grateful for and so happy about. "You're my favorite," he declares. "I missed you a lot today, too."
Jimin sits up, taking care not to jostle Dongwoo and accidentally wake him up, and cups Hoseok's face. "I missed you, too," he says before kissing him, longer this time, more ardent.
Hoseok puts his hands on Jimin's waist, pulling him a little bit closer. He gets lost in Jimin, in the feeling of him in his arms, which is something that always leaves him in awe, even after all these years. They get so into kissing each other that they don't notice Dongwoo waking up until he's wedging himself between them with a whine.
"Appa's home?" Dongwoo mumbles, rubbing his eye with a small fist and blinking sleepily.
"Appa's home," Hoseok confirms, moving Dongwoo from Jimin's lap to his. He presses a kiss to his head when Dongwoo snuggles to him. "You feeling better, buddy?"
Dongwoo nods, his hair creating static with Hoseok's shirt. "Papa told me many stories today," he continues. "We also built a blanket fort in the living room and protected Koya and RJ from Kooky and Mang." Hoseok looks at Jimin, who's smiling fondly at Dongwoo. Jimin meets his gaze and mouths, Kooky and Mang are the bad guys.
"What did Kooky and Mang do to Koya and RJ?" Hoseok asks, brushing Dongwoo's hair back. Dongwoo's eyes flutter open, wide and earnest.
"Koya and RJ don't like dancing," is all Dongwoo says, as if that explained everything.
"Okay, buddy," Hoseok says, laughing a little. "How about we get you to bed?"
"Can I sleep with you tonight?" Dongwoo asks, all cute and adorable that Hoseok really can't say no.
"Of course, you're sleeping with me tonight," Hoseok says, hugging his son and kissing him on the head again. "Appa will just freshen up and then we'll go to bed, okay?"
Dongwoo nods and crawls back onto the middle of the bed. Hoseok sighs at how sweet his son is and walks to the bathroom, followed by Jimin. He removes his shirt and splashes his face with water, while Jimin stands in the doorway, arms crossed over his chest.
"You know you're soft, right?" Jimin teases. He laughs, cringing a bit when he looks back to the room, when Hoseok gives him a look. "You're such a dad, the sweetest, cutest, most adorable dad," he goes on, moving to Hoseok's back and wrapping his arms around his waist.
"Look who's talking," Hoseok retorts, good-natured. He pats his face dry with a towel and turns in Jimin's arms, facing him. "You're so good with him and he adores you."
Jimin lifts his arms so that they're around Hoseok's neck. "You should hear the way Dongwoo talks about you when you're not around," he shares, eyes shining with adoration. "He goes on and on about how appa is so cool and fun and good-looking and how all his friends wish you were their dad."
Hoseok feels himself blush, cheeks heating up with the praise. He's always wondered whether he was doing the whole dad thing right. Jimin was naturally a nurturing person and Hoseok knew he'd have no problem with raising a kid. But he was just him and he usually took his cues from other people, Jimin, more recently. It's nice to know that he's doing things right, even if his son is probably biased. He makes a face when Jimin laughs at him, cupping his cheeks.
"So cute," Jimin whispers, tilting his face up to kiss him. "Even after all these years."
Hoseok just sighs. "I love you."
"I love you," Jimin returns, kissing him again.
As they get ready for bed, Hoseok's heart couldn't help but flutter at the sight of his husband and his son getting under the covers and snuggling with each other. How had he gotten so lucky? He would never have thought that he'd get to have this, Jimin and a son with Jimin, after they broke up. Hoseok didn't even bother wanting it for a long time after that because he didn't think it was possible. But now he's here and this is his life.
"Appa, what are you waiting for?" Dongwoo whines, making grabby hands at him.
"Yeah, appa, what are you waiting for?" Jimin echoes with  a giggle.
"Nothing," Hoseok answers, getting into bed and wrapping an arm around Dongwoo and reaching for Jimin with his other hand. "There's nothing else to wait for now that I have both of you."
Jimin's eyes immediately soften at his words and then he smirks. "Soft," he comments.
"Appa is soft," Dongwoo murmurs, snuggling to Hoseok's chest, probably meaning something else. It makes both Jimin and Hoseok laugh anyway.
"I love you both," Hoseok whispers when they all snuggle close to each other.
"I love you both," Jimin repeats.
"I love you both," Dongwoo finishes.
There's really nothing more Hoseok could want in this life. He has it all.

onyu, your turn.
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